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    Just returned last night from CSA.This was our was our 5th trip to Swept Away.I have to admit prior to going I was beginning to wonder as there have been a few reviews from previous guests who have felt the resort has slipped.I can truly say that everything was as good as it has been in the past.We have always stayed in Atriums before but because I booked later this year there were none available so we were in gardens.Yes there is road noise but it was not that bad.I took ear plugs in case but never used them.We were in the older section by the gazebo and it was fine but will book Atrium next time.Never had problem getting reservations for dinner or getting spots on beach.I don't think there is the craziness of saving chairs as we have seen in past.The weather was the best we have had with rain maybe twice in late afternoon.Red flag up for day and a half.Wind or waves did knock down guard hut at north end of beach and beach up by Beaches certainly seems narrower.Food was great and service as always was excellent.Rec'd romance rewards without any problems.Valentines party was great with a lot of effort going into it by staff.Minibars are a nice touch to the rooms.The only downside was the rudeness shown at times by guests to staff and other guests.All and all CSA is still tops and can't wait for next trip.

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    Thanks for the review Brennie! It's a much-needed antidote to the fact that we're getting MORE SNOW here in Boston!!!

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    Default I second that !

    Hi Brennie,

    We arrived home safely today Thanks - good to meet you both too - the returners dinner always a good place to meet new friends.

    as you know we loved the place so much we booked our next trip whilst we were still there ...... We will be doing a review of our CN/CSA split soon but cannot say anything against our visit to CSA ..... It was wonderful in every sense and in 10 months we'll be getting ready to return.

    maybe we will meet again one day at CSA.

    Helen & Alan, UK

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