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    Ok, this is a really stupid question but one I'd rather be safe than sorry on: are transfers always included when you book all inclusive? I've been to Jamaica twice (CSA once) and both times booked through my travel agent. I'm considering doing it myself this time and wanted to make sure if I book somewhere other than here, I will still be able to get to the resort via the shuttle from the Couples lounge. I may try the TimAir or AirLink flight this time just for the heck of it but if I decide not to go that way I don't want to be stuck finding a cab

    Next question-Romance Rewards: I signed up in 2009 before my CSA trip. Thing is, only I signed up. Does each person need to sign up or are the rewards good for the couple? My fiance is not individually registered so I want to make sure I get him signed up now before we head back this year if we each need to do it.

    Thanks - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Transfer to Couples resorts are always includied no matter how you book your trip.
    It is personal preference as to if you should charter a plane to fjy to Negril.. IMHO it does not save anytime, but you do get beautiful views if you fly.

    If you are registered for Romance rewards it is not neccesary for your fiance to register for them to share the benefits. Although it would be a good idea to sign up

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    Couples prefers each couple to be registered only once. Somehow, my husband and I were registered twice for Romance Rewards ( I had done one in my name, and one in his name, because our reservations were in his name- so I was afraid there would be a problem ). Couples cancelled the second Romance Rewards card ( I had a problem and had to talk to the person in charge ). He said , if you have it registered twice, you are looking at problems. So as long as you are registered, and have the number, do not worry about it ! Also, register for your rewards before you travel. It was nice to have are returning gifts when we arrived. Also, because they knew we were returning guests, guess who received the room upgrade upon arrival ? That is right- us.

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    PERFECT! Thank you both!! I figured the transfers were included but that would be one of those things I take for granted and find myself hoofing it to the resort! Lol! Not that I'd would be kinda fun, just rather far!! The only reason for the flight would be to take pix--I'm a photo junkie and always looking for new angles for my photos--the air would qualify in that category

    I'm registered for the RR so we're all set. Not sure why it crossed my mind that he might need to be registered too but I got worried about that too.

    Guess it's just too easy to plan a vaca to Couples so I have to find SOMETHING to fret about! Lol!

    CSA in 1 day shy of 6 months! Wahoo! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    All of the ai resorts in Jamaica have transpo included. We have used Superclubs, Sandals and now Couples.

    The resorts in Cancun work a bit different. You get free transportation but it is w/ a tour company and they want you to sit down w/ them and schedule tours.

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    More on the 2 person registration , we just returned and the room was booked in HIS name, but I signed up for the romance rewards, how will they know to update my account so we get our benefits??

    As for the transfers to AI's they are NOT always included. Resorts such as Couples and S include them no matter how you get to the island, however other when booking other AI's, they may not be unless you booked a package with a tour operator. It is the tour operator that provides the transfer, not the hotel.
    If you book a flight then book the hotel directly with them or via a discount hotel site, more than likely the transfer is not icluded, thus the "package" you created is a bit cheaper, but really once you add the transfer it can end up costing more!

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    Confirming that not all the AI's in Jamaica include transfers...I do realize that this is officially a message board about Couples but I know for a fact that statement isn't true and I don't want anyone confused if they someday book another resort to bring the family. We've been to another resort in Montego Bay for 14 years and the transfer was booked as part of the package through a tour operator as holster pointed out, it was not offered by the resort. Our travel agent made sure to get transfers included in our package every time because we wanted it but we do know of others that did not and paid for a sister was there last summer in fact and paid for her own transfer as she had made her own air and hotel reservations and didn't get that included.

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    can someone define what transfer means? can u visit CTI if your staying at CSS? what can you do during the visit? excursions? or just pools, bars, restaurant, beach activities?

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