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    Default Bee Problem @CSA

    The last time we went to CSA there was a problem with bee's hovering around the soft drink machines and the soft serve ice cream machines.
    Anyone who has been to CSA recently can shed some light if there is still a problem?
    No one complained about being stung. I guess the bee's were more interested in the sweet taste of the soda and ice cream!

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    They are there, but they are not a problem. Pretty peacefull bees. Must be the rum they find.

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    Yup, still bees swarming around anything sweet (including the fruits at the various outdoor bars). The good thing is they keep me away from the soft serve ice cream!!

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    They were there in full force on Oct but that's the last time I was there. I was not stung and they weren't all that bothersome to me since I am not allergic but some people were a little scared. I was usually getting water and they didn't care for that one so there were no bugs directly on it.

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    We were at CSA earlier this month. The bees do still like to hangout at the soda dispensers, especially the one near the Cabana Grill. However, I did not get stung, and they certainly moved when I went to fill my glass.

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    Anytime you have a source of food such as the sugar from the pop and ice cream the bees you will have bees, they were also all over the bottles at the bars because alcohol breaks down into a sugar. I am not fond of bees but my father-in-law is a beekeeper so I was comforted with a little background info and I can tell you the bees aren't interested in stinging when they are feeding, they are busy and don't feel threatened. However, bees can smell the hormones your body produces when you are afraid and will potentially sting you if they sense your fear so be confident, walk up and stick your hand into the feeding frenzy and get your soda. If one lands on your glass or your food if you gently swipe your hand at it you can get it to move away, it's when you take to flailing or attempt to kill it you'll get stung.

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