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    We are planning on booking a trip to Jamaica in Feb. 2012. Last time we went to MoBay this time I would like to go to Negril. Trying to figure out what resort to stay at....CN or CSA or even the R or S in Negril. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Couples has a policy of not permitting questions or comments on non-Couples resorts, so don't expect people to provide information on other resorts you might be considering.

    Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away are both wonderful resorts; the biggest difference is that CN has an au naturel section on its beach, while CSA does not.

    Different people have different preferences. My personal favorite is CN, but Randymon has indicated that CSA is the most popular of the four resorts. Spend some time going through pictures and information on dining and accommodations. There will be something about one of the two that particularly appeals to you; that is the resort you should select.
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    If you stay at CSA and walk the beach you'll see S, you'll laugh inside (maybe even outside) you'll be so happy you are at Couples instead. Haven't been to CN so haven't seen R but I'm guessing the same applies. Beyond that the service isn't even comparable, Couples wins. At R you are going to have kids running around screaming and shouting...sound relaxing? And the singles and large groups add to a more raucous party type atmosphere which you won't find at any of the Couples resorts. Guess in the end it's all in what you are looking for in your trip but I think if you choose Couples you'll be blown away!

    I can tell you we stayed at a resort in Montego Bay 14 times (same resort) and liked it, but we were tired of the kids and the drunken party atmosphere so we decided to try something different. I had always wanted to see the sunsets in Negril and really always wanted to try a S resort so we started looking at S Negril. I stumbled on to took me a while to be convinced but our trip was amazing! The staff can't do enough for you, they call you by your first name and with a smile! The food is fabulous and we are picky eaters. The atmosphere was indescribable, so relaxing. We'll never go anywhere else.

    As for CN or CSA that's tough because there are die hard fans of each, it's very personal as each is fabulous. Look at the web pages for each and read reviews and posts specific for each and ultimately one will call to you more than the other since they really are very different. Either way a Couples resort is the way to go.

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    Thanks Pamela and sherrynchuck! I think there will be about 10 of us going and can't wait even if it is a year away!! I will take your advice, do a little researching and go from there. Not sure about the Au natural beach, never been or even seen one.....but there were a couple of things at CN that I liked over CSA. Thanks again!

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