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    Default May 19th to May 29th

    My wife and I have booked our first trip to couples negril. I noticed there are many repeat guests. Is there something you wish you knew on your first trip, you know now about the resort? Any good secrets or tips!

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    don't over pack.
    pack comfortable clothes that wear well in humidity.
    do the orientation when you get there
    take plenty of sunscreen and a hat or visor.
    try all of the places to eat at least once.

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    We will be there too. First time as well.

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    Default May 21-29

    Me and My wife Kim are newbies too!!
    I usually pack 1-2 pair slacks and a few pair nice shorts with collar shirts for dinner. Although never been to couples worked for me with other AI resorts.

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    Default Return visit

    My wife and I will be there from the 19-26th. We are repeat visitors and can't wait to get back. Not really one thing that I can think of, but make sure that you do some excursions. Shopping at the market in Negril, Margaritaville, Ricks Cafe, any there are many other things. The only reason that you would have for pants, dress shirt or even shoes is to dine in the formal restaurant there. Otherwise it's shorts, flip flops, and tshirts or maybe a hawaiin shirt or two. Cya there !

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    Thanks for your help! My wife (Marissa) and I are landing in Montego Bay May 19th. We are going to be in Jamaica for a wedding on Treasure Beach so we will arrive at Couples Negril on May 23rd. See you then!

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    Gary and I will be there May 19th-27th. along with our daughter and son in law. It's their first trip and our 3rd. I wish I would have not taken so many clothes and shoes! Went last year and still overpacked! I'm going to surprise myself when I put in my clothes for this trip. Instead of 2 suitcases I have only a medium case and a carry on. Taking a taxi to town shopping was nice. Didn't have to hurry. Cost around $10

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    My husband & I will be back home to CN May 22-May 28; our 6th trip to Jamaica & 5th to Couples Negril; our only visit to Jamaica that wasn't at CN was thanks to Ivan. We never consider going anywhere else since we honeymooned there in 1999.

    Don't over pack; you are only required a collared shirt & closed toed shoes (men) for Othaheite; although it is an amazing place to eat & you may want to visit it often, no one will tease you if you wear the same clothes each time! Make reservations for Othaheite early; depending on the # of guests at CN you might not get the evening or time you want if you wait! Even if you miss it (we did on our 1st trip there!!!) Lychee, Cassava, and Heleconia will always make you happy, and the beach grill is always there if you chicken out on the ackee & saltfish. Take advantage of the room service continental breakfast; there is nothing more cool than having high mountain coffee, ripe tropical fruit, and delicate pastries on your back porch as the lovely island of Jamaica wakes up. then you can go back to bed for a nap & hit the beach by 10 :-)

    If you do the couples massage, schedule it for the beach in the late afternoon/early evening, or in the treehouse in the early morning. I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra money for a private dinner. We had ours in the treehouse on our tenth anniversary--unbelievably relaxing & romantic! Lillian was awesome.

    Enjoy the AMAZING beach & ocean. I may not have seen many oceans in my life, but my Navy Vet hubby has, and bloody bay is one of his all time favorites! Take the catamaran; its a hoot & a party. We never waste our time going off the resort unless its on the water or privately; CN has everything to make your vacation relaxing... exciting...whatever you want it to be! RIde in the glass bottom boat, go on the snorkel trip even if you don't snorkel!

    Unless you are buying souveniers for the Duggars, all you need is in the gift shops & from the local vendors who visit the beach several times a week: but if you've never been, the shopping trip is free or do it solo--its at your own pace & cheap.

    Did I mention the beach? How about the pool? Couples never runs short of floats or chairs in either place. If you want a hut on the beach for the day, you will have to get out early for that.

    If you have any questions, want to arrange off site excursions with a driver you can trust, talk to the awesome staff at the front desk, especially Herbert.

    We also "splurged" for a taxi to take us back so we could spend a couple more hours on the beach. Don't get me wrong; the free transportation is great--top flight drivers & nice busses/vans, but the worst thing about CN is leaving....we always try to drag it out to the last possible moment.

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    Thank you, I love your review! I am counting down the days to be in paradise. See you guys soon!

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