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    After hours of searching different islands and discussing what we liked, we decided we wanted to go back to Jamaica. We enjoyed CSS so much (it rained a lot, but made the best of it) that we wanted to experience Couples again! The great service, awesome food and inclusions drew us back .

    We chose CSA this time, booked a Garden view verandah suite because hubby wanted a tv in the room. I'm kinda concerned after reading the reviews on TA about the noise from the road. Is the noise really that bad?
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    I'm going to say the real answer to the noise question depends on how sensitive you are, how light a sleeper you are or what kind of noise you are accustomed to at home for instance. The GVS rooms are the closest to the road and Jamaicans drive with their horns. However, there is a lot of foliage between the rooms and the road and it's not like you are spitting distance to it. The bathroom will be the area of the room that "faces" the road, your verandah will face the resort. One key to noise control will be to keep the bathroom window closed. There is a ceiling fan in the room you can use for some "white noise" if you need it and the air conditioner will help as well. Most of the posts here will say that during the day you can hear some traffic but at night it's pretty quiet.

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