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    Default Randymon... Zumba fitness instructor at CSA?

    How can I find out if there will be an instructor at CSA from
    2-27 to 3-6 that will do Zumba fitness?
    Thanks much

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    You should hire ME to be the zumba instructor!!! You dont even have to pay me! Just pay for my stay and ill teach as much as you'd like

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    I think there would be a bunch of Zumba addicts who would attend! Just don't schedule class during SCUBA and I'm IN!


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    Ash -

    Contact me offline, and I will tell you how to stay at CSA as an instructor.

    veronica dot vandyke at gmail dot com.

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    NYC Marathon 11/6/11 - 4:21
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    I would love to take Zumba classes while at CSA!

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