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    Default Our Wedding @ CSA

    I must say, it was everything I dreamed of. Alecia and her team go out of their way on a daily basis making brides dreams come true and they should be so proud of what they do.

    I had my hair done at the salon and was pleased with it. We hired the resort photographer (Keithon) who was amazing. He put us at ease and we had alot of fun with him. I love the pictures. We chose the 36 photo package ($400) as we felt it was enough to represent our day and we felt we didn't need a bazilion photos that would sit in an album. Really, how many ways do you need to pose on that special day? We chose the garden gazebo to be married as the beach is just too busy with too many gawkers and we wanted it to be more intimate. We walked to the gazebo together (as we have lived together for 10 years). The music was Jamaican and I had the wedding co-ordinator choose as this wasn't important to me. Right now, I couldn't even tell you what was played as we were both nervous and it all went so fast. It was everything I imagined it to be.
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    Great pics! You were a beautiful bride!!! Congratulations!!! :O)

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    Beautiful!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day!! Not to be creepy, but where did your husband get your pants? Were they linen or just regular khaki. We've been trying to find a nice pair and have been striking out. Thank you so much for this information!

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    Congratulations!! 10 weeks tomorrow until my big day at CSA!

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    Great pics, when I see that it just makes me even more excited. 93 days for us!!!!!

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    Congratulations! You made a beautiful bride
    The more pictures I see the more anxious I get and we've only got 86 more days til CSA!!!!

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    Ashntommy... they weren't linen pants, they were a very light ribbed cotton. Comfortable and not formal for him as we wanted a relaxed wedding. I believe we got them at Sears in Ottawa Ontario.

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    Congratulations! You both look sooo happy! Enjoy the rest of your life together and congratulations again!!! Thanks for posting!!! (and I second ash.. where did he get the pants...??? not to be creepy that is..)

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