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    Default Very excited and very appreciative!

    I have to admit that I am one of those people that really does their homework prior to booking any vacation. I read everything, to the point that I probably read toooo much!! My favorite comment from one guest to a complaining guest at another resort was "its Jamaica...relax!"
    Having said that, I am so happy to have looked up this resort! the comments are consistantly possitive and amazing and I love how everyone continues to return over and over again!
    All of you have made us a believer in this resort and we are booked at the CSS for April 27!
    We are looking forward to golfing at a great course, relaxing massages, eating great food, drinking great drinks, soaking up the sun all while meeting great people!!
    I am not letting our expectations get out of hand but if this resort is HALF the resort you all keep raving about then this will most likely be an amzing vacation most likely to be repeated!

    Thank you all again!


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    I promise that you will not be disappointed. CSS is beautiful, with lots of places to explore and be amazed. And while you're there, you may want to do a trading places day, and visit CTI. It's only about fifteen minutes up the road.
    A Couples vacation is much more than that, it's an experience that will stay with you for a long time.

    Welcome to the family.


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    I did the same thing when looking for a resort for our honeymoon 2 years ago. CSS fit the criteria perfectly, and the ratings were good. I had no idea what we were actually in store for. I found the message board and couldn't believe the loyal customers Couples has. Most of my friends travel to different places, but there are many repeat customers at Couples. That alone told me a lot about CSS.
    When we were there the first time, our honeymoon, we were amazed with the location, the food, and especially the staff. Absolute heaven to us. Got home and within a couple months, booked our second trip. I must have been dizzy from knowing we were going back that a couple weeks after that, I booked our third trip!!! We had only been there once and here we had not one, but two countdowns going!!! Go figure.
    Our second trip last October was even better than the first. People say it's like going "home" and that is exactly how it feels.
    I have gotten to know some of the other repeat guests, through here and at the resort, and we all feel the same. One couple we met were there 4 times last year alone. At our first repeaters dinner, there was a couple that had been there 23 times. the week we were there, the resort wasn't full but there was 31 repeat couples at that dinner. That many people cannot be wrong.
    Enjoy your trip in April. CSS is the place for us. You will feel the same.

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    Rob N Shawna! You have selected our favorite Couples Resort, so I hope you have a fabulous, romantic time! Breathe, enjoy, and relax during your vacation!

    One Love!

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    I to research my vacations to death! My husband thinks I am a nut. I have been looking to book a vacation for 2014 for a big milestone celebration for my husband's 50th birthday (October 2013) and his last semester of nursing school (December 2013). So instead of doing our usual cruise vacation we wanted something really special. So I thought an all inclusive would be a great fit for us. Having never been to one I was researching the other all inclusive (that shall remain nameless) but thought Couples is better for us. The reviews on TA are wonderful and to see so many repeat customers really did it for us. I am booking our Couples Swept Away trip soon. Enjoy your time at CSS I hear that is wonderful as well.

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