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    Default CSA roll call March 2011

    Irie Mon,

    It's just a couple of sleeps until the March crowd enjoys paradise.

    According the message board CSA is at full capacity for the month of March. It time for everyone to get to know each other and when you will be at Swept Away -- soon to be your Home away from Home. So post a pic and let us know about each other and say "Irie Mon" when we meet. Here's to "No Problem Mon" and "Ya Mon" soon to be a regular part of your vocabulary.

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    We actually have a thread under Meet Up Couples Swept Away entitled March Maniacs 2011, you should join us!!! :O) We'll be at Swept Away 03/18/11 - 03/27/11! Our wedding is on the 21st!!! Can't wait to get back home!!! :O)

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    My husband and I are first timers to CSA and are very excited. We arrive on St. Patrick's Day and sadly will leave on 3/21. Look forward to meeting you all there.

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    Lady Kristi,

    Ahy M'lady that you do and many have posted, the only problem being it is buried several pages back and there are many many people -- if it's true that the resort is full -- that haven't revealed themselves. I have posted on your thread--last one to post and have listed our dates on the spread sheet. I can only hope that un-named lovers will allow us to be momentary friends while on a wonderful adventure. I have locked myself away in the past but wish to share great times with all that wish.

    I hope to see many on the beach or round about that I can give a nod to or give the most basic of Jamacian expressions to. "Irie mon" translated --> Hello my friend isn't life grand.
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    Sorry I didn't realize you had already posted on the other thread. I think there are many who visit Couples but don't even know the message board exists. Looking forward to seeing you guys! It will be here before you know it!!!

    Kristy :O)

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    Hey SantaGregg

    We will be in CSA for most of March! we arrive on the 12th and leave in April, cannot wait as its our first trip to a couples resort and will be lucky to enjoy it for three weeks

    Cannot wait to meet everyone there

    Have posted a pic on meet up in CSA thread

    Hope you have a fab time

    Di & Karl

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    Default Be there soon!!

    We are leaving our frozen home in Michigan and arriving at CSA on 3/10. Can't wait! This is our first visit to Couples and after everybodies review, we are very excited.

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