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    Hi everyone, we are getting pumped for our trip to CSA in April and are excited to do trading places to cn. What are some good things to try at the restaurants. Do they have some specialties like CSA? April can't get here soon enough, it's something like 5 degrees tonight. Enough already! Thanks for any ideas. Sara

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    Since you won't get ther until after 10am and have to leave at 4pm, your only meal there will be lunch. Your only choices for lunch are the beach grill and the buffet at the Cassava Terrace. They are very close together. First, go to the beach grill and check out the menu and pre-prepared stuff (beef and chicken patties, etc). Then, go to the buffet and get what you want from there. Carry that stuff back to the beach grill and get the stuff from there you want. You can then eat it at the beach grill outside terrace by the beach.

    My favotites at the beach grill are the beef patties and the jerk burger with fries or onion rings. In the back of the beach grill is a self service soft-serve ice cream machine.

    Sometimes the buffet has a theme such as Mexican or Oriental or Jamaican.
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