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    Do we have to book our cat cruse before we arrive?

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    Which resort are you visiting? At CSA, you book it once you arrive. I imagine it's the same at all the resorts. If you're at CSA, just visit the Water Sports Hut to book the Cat Cruise. :O)

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    You can only book a day in advance for the Cat Cruise. It runs a few days a week and maybe even at different times.

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    You cannot sign up for any water sports activities or dinner reservations before you arrive at any of the Couples Resorts.
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    Are you talking about CSA? We booked the catamaran cruise at the front desk, shortly after we arrived. And if you enjoy that beautiful cruise it as much as we did, you are welcome to book it again if you have time.

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    no, you can't book any excursions before you arrive - just plan ahead a little bit and there should room for you on the cat cruise.

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    As others have said you can't book it before you arrive, be sure to book it shortly after you arrive to be sure there is room in case the resort is full. Some friends of ours went one night, liked it so much they decided spontaneously to go again and were able to get on with just a couple hours notice, just depends on how full the resort is. If you like it and want to go again it never hurts to try.

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    Thank you all, we arrive at CN in 1 more day! Can't wait!!!

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    How long does it last? What all is involved?

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