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    Default Jewelers in Negril

    Im looking to do a little jewelry shopping while at CSA in April and want to know which jewelers are the best/most reliable. I managed a jewelry store for 9 years and just recently quit so I know what to look for as far as quality, just want to know which one's are reliable.
    Does the shopping tour go to any good jewelers? I went on the tour a couple years ago when staying at CN but wasn't looking for jewelry so don't recall if there were any?
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    I am interested as well. We were at CN for our 15th wedding anniversary and I got a really good deal on a diamond and sapphire ring for my wife. I bought it from one of the vendors that CN has onsite a couple of evenings. I had it appraised when we got home and it's worth double what I paid for it. We will be at CN this April for our 4th time. For our 20th anniversary I would really like to get her a bigger diamond wedding ring to replace the little one that I had to get her when we first got married, as I couldn't afford much at that time.

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    There are jewelers on the shopping trip. We have bought a couple things from some of them and been very happy with the price. Remember to negotiate with them. Sorry, but I don't remember the names of the stores.
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    We were at CN in Feb 2008. We took the shopping trip into town and it went to a nice little mall area that had some nicer jewelry. I bought a pair of blue topaz/gold hoop earrings for my daughter there and thought I was getting a pretty good deal. They were beautiful; however, one of the stones fell out after a couple of months. AND A HUGE WORD OF CAUTION....DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD. This was the only place I used a credit card and the number was stolen and six months later there were charges from Nigeria on it. We are going to CSA in June, but I think I'm going to skip the shopping excursion.

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    Hi kmar 68 !! Sorry about your credit card experience, but I have to disagree with you . If you purchase a piece of jewelry, you need to have your jeweler in the states check it out. If there is a defect or you feel that it is not what you paid for, you can contact your bank to have the charge put on hold, while you contact the vendor in Jamaica. It happened to us, and the credit card was our only salvation.

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    I love jewelry. Every trip to Jamaica I look for a new piece of jewelry. Ask the entertainment staff at Couples for a recommendation on which store to shop at. We've even had them go into the store with us and help to get the best price. They love to do that. I always purchase with a credit card because I never want to carry cash. The stores we've bought from also have a corporate office in New York, which makes me feel better. I cannot remember the names of the stores. I have purchased some beautiful pieces with no problem. Get a business card and keep your receipt. If you have a problem down the road, contact them directly. Good Luck.

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    That type of incident with credit card numbers being stolen happens when using them in the US all the time. The newest thing is some sort of device that can scan your card as you are carrying it in your purse or wallet. It's not pervasive in Jamaica and it's not limited to Jamaica. As I recall the rule is the credit card company can only hold you to $50 max if you report the number stolen in a timely manner and most won't even do that, it's just their out if they feel you haven't done your part to keep them from suffering big losses. You get your bill, you see charges from Nigeria, you know you haven't been to Nigeria, you don't call the credit card company, seems to me you hold some of the blame when charges continue to pile up. If you make that call right away you're in fine shape. No worries, go, shop, have fun.

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    Have any of you purchased anything from the jeweler at the airport in MoBay? I always go in and look. They have beautiful things. What do you think of their prices? Last year the jewlery vendor at CN had jewelry that looked very tarnished. I'm sure the weather and handling of things doesn't help but it detracted from the items. I haven't bought anything of real value while there.

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    Luckily my credit card company detected the fraud and put a hold on additional charges on my account. The charges were reversed and I wasn't necessarily "out" any costs other than the time it took to deal with filling out paperwork and waiting for a new credit card to arrive. The fraudulent charges happened at the most inopportune time as we were vacationing in Las Vegas and my credit card account had to be cancelled and was unavailable to be used while we were on our vacation. I think I was more disappointed that it happened in the upscale jewelry store where the people seemed so genuine and nice. I'm sure the piece of jewelry that I purchased was worth the price I paid; however, I also wish I would have had my local jeweler check it out when I returned home and he may have been able to detect the loose stone before it got lost. I love Jamaica and am looking forward to returning and am aware that stolen credit card numbers can happen anywhere. Just wanted to caution to others that it happened to me while I was in Jamaica!
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