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    It's a silly question...just wondering if my Garmin watch will work in Jamaica.

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    Yes, have used mine all over the world for years, including Jamaica.

    It is quite accurate. I love to see an overlay of a run on the beach showing the exact palm tree or property line at which I turned around. (I prefer SportTracker to the Garmin TC software).

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    I have an old one and sometimes it doesn't find a signal. The place I have the most trouble is on the CSA running path. The beach is pretty good.

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    You betcha. Love using it in Negril, and it was REALLY funny using it on the loops at CSS. Over and over and over and over and over.

    Enjoy! No better place to run.

    @Rudi - any info on the SportTracker software? Where can I get it?
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    Angela and Jason - One tip is that your Garmin will need to reset when you've traveled a great distance since your last workout. (I think it depends on the model you have, but mine is something like 500 miles).
    It can take several minutes for it to pick up the new location, so I normally put mine outside in an area with few overhead obstructions when I first arrive somewhere new.

    Vee - Zone Five Software. I downloaded a few years ago but it is still out there.

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    thanks for the info! I can't wait to lace up my runnings and hit negril's beach early in the morning for a good workout...only 25 more sleeps !

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