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    Default Wow! You all totally sell this place! (Couple of ?'s, too)

    Just wanted to thank all of you who regularly share their experiences and answer questions here. I have been learning a LOT the past few days, just reading this forum. And if I didn't want to go bad enough before, I sure as heck do now! LOL You guys have me picturing a total HEAVEN ON EARTH!

    My DH & I are going on our first Couples trip (CSA) AND first trip to Jamaica in Nov. this year for our 10th Annv'y. (& frankly, it's ALL I can think about!)

    I have pretty much found the answers to most of my ?'s already, but just a couple of random ones here, if someone doesn't mind helpin' a girl out.

    1. Can you get lattes, mochas, etc (specialty coffee drinks) at the resort, or is it strictly regular coffee?

    2. Think I read something about an internet room? Do they have computers you can use if you need to go online, or is that where you can go to hook up your own?

    Thanks in advance!

    (Ludington, Michigan, USA)

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    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and on choosing CSA. You will love CSA.

    As to your questions:

    Not too sure about the latte's or mochas. There is great coffee available at all the restaurants though. Hopefully someone will be more informed about your beverages than I. Sorry.

    The internet room is on the second floor of the Great House. There are several computers available for anyone to use to get on line to check or send email, browse the net etc. There are also a couple of printers available for printing our necessary things like flight tickets/boarding passes and such. There is also WiFi available all throughout the resort. Some rooms have better signal strength than others, but it is there just the same.

    Have a great trip!

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    I believe you can get fancy coffee drinks at Sea Grapes.

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    Thanks so much, Dirtleg!

    The coffee thing is my hubby's gig and I doubt it would put too much of a damper on the trip, but we were curious.

    That's great to know about the Internet Room. I wondered how we could check on the kids without racking up a $500 phone bill, so that will be perfect.

    Thanks again!

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    Default coffee

    Hi Beth,
    At the sports complex juice bar they have an expresso machine. We loved going over there in the early evenings before dinner to relax at the spa area for a made to order cappaccino. Even better if you stop by the bar on the way over and grab a shot of rum cream to add to the coffee! YUM.

    when in Nov will you be there? Josh and I will be there nov 26th thru dec 3rd. We just got back from Tower Isle... I am so sad to be back to reality but at least I am counting down to the next couples trip. Count downs to couples keeps me sane. lol

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    Another thing to look for is the "coffee bar" that they set up during the beach party at CSA. They make all sorts of yummy coffee drinks, Bob loves it.

    The Internet room is fantastic - there are at least 10 computers. We have never once had to wait for a computer at CSA. Also printers. The connection is super fast, too.

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    Thanks Nan & Nikki!

    We'll be there 11/7 - 11/13. I know it's not going to be long enough... already sad about leaving on the 13th. LOL

    I'll definitely try the rum cream! Thanks for the tip!

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    Try the coffee at Feathers. They do the "real thing" Blue Mountain Coffee in a French press....It is great either alone or with a side of rum cream or any of your favorite liquers.....

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    B-Mon you mention wanting to check in with home and not have a huge phone bill. If you purchase a "Jus Talk" phone card at the gift shop you will get over an hour of long distance time for $10.00 US and the resort will only charge you a $2.00 per call connection fee. We always purchase one when we go to CSA and that way we can check in with our kids and grandkids.

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