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    [COLOR="Purple"]We are arriving in 40 days(CSA), We want to make dinner reservations when we arrive but not sure if we should make reservations for every night or should we pick a few days? I have never been on a AI vacation before are you able to order as much as you want from the menu so we can share or sample? Also any suggestions on what would be good for couples at the spa.


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    Personally I wouldn't make reservations for every night, there are restaurants that don't require reservations and you'll probably want to eat there as well.

    You can order as much as you want and you can share items.

    Here is a link to the info page for the spa

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherrynchuck View Post
    You can order as much as you want and you can share items.
    I didn't like the entre I got at the Heliconia at CN last month and they brought me a whole different one. No problem. On lobster night, if you want an additional lobster tail or tails, just ask and they will bring it! Do you want 4 deserts and no problem.
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    You can order as much as you want off the menus. On lobster night, The Palms had a yummy chicken dish that sounded delicious on the menu, so I got lobster with my chicken. How cool is that?? Sometimes we'll order several different appetizers, too, just to try different things.

    You can only make reservations 3 days in advance. Be sure to try all of the restaurants. We love Patois for dinner, and you don't even need a reservation there. They have the best marlin dip and jerk pizza.

    We did the couples massage (50 minutes). I love the new spa - the buddha jacuzzi is fantastic - when you have a spa treatment you can use the jacuzzi, which is enormous and lit with different lighting - very tranquil. I also had the bamboo massage this past trip a few weeks ago, and I liked that a lot. You can even add on a scalp massage, which was very nice, too.

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    I think you can only make one reservation per restaurant at a time. This is so everyone gets a chance to try them. But if space/time allows you can make another reservation during your stay. There are only two restaurants the require reservations and the ones that dont are wonderful too. You can eat, drink, and play as much as you want if it is included the only limited to use is space.

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