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    I was wondering how far in advance do you need to precheck-in? My wife and I will be visiting CSA for the third time April 16-23but haven't been since 2005. This year will be our 38th wedding annversity, and we decided to returm home to CSA.

    Thanks for any information

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    I think you can pre check-in as early as you wish, but you must do it at least 3 days prior to your arrival. I do it a week before.

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    2 weeks to 3 days in advance. I don't recommend any earlier than 2 weeks and Sean has said no later than 3 days
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    For your romance rewards it says 3 days. As far as precheck in with the resort I don't know. I never have. My travel agent took care of it the first time. The second time I called the 800 number and booked directly with Couples. Both times all we did was show up at the couples lounge and were greeted with smiling faces and Red Stripes

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    Default Chek in

    Can someone explain why you would do early check in?

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    This is for Romance Rewards members. Checking in early helps the resort prepare for your arrival, and your gifts and vouchers (if applicable) are usually ready for you when you arrive or within 24 hours of your arrival.

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    It's not really "check in" per se.... it's for romance rewards members only to assure their repeaters gifts/perks are waiting for them when they arrive.

    Everybody still has to check in when they arrive to be given their room keys and get their credit card imprint etc...

    We always do it here about one week before our arrival date.

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    I always do it about a month ahead of time - it's something I look forward to and they've always gotten our Repeaters Gifts right.

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    If you're a "newbie", are you given gifts if you have signed up for romance rewards? Of is it only for repeat guests? Just curious.

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    Ok, no reply from Sean or randy, so help me out. I am young love, but my guy just signed up so he's a newbie. Will we still get wecome gifts, be able to attend repeat dinner, and trade spaces? Thanks

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    Trading spaces is for all romance rewards members. The dinner is done as a couple so if one of you is registered and qualified for an invite you'll both get to go. Welcome gift is per couple so you'll get that as well.

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    Thanks. Can't wait! Just wish we were going during lobster season. Oh well.

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    Actually, if I remember right, only one of you can get the points for the stay. They only want one member of the couple signed up for Romance Rewards. My husband isn't even signed up.

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    Really? Never knew that. Interesting. Is that others' experience as well?

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