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    We are about to book our trip and was wondering the difference in the room categories. We usually just go for the garden view but I thought it would be so nice to lay in bed and hear the ocean waves! So, what's the difference in the Superior, deluxe and premiere ocean views? The premiere is $138 more. Is there a big difference in that and the superior? Thanks so much for any advice!!

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    We stayed in a deluxe room in building 4, first floor. For us it was a perfect location with a great unobstructed view over the swim-up pool and out over Tower Isle. It was nice and bright and plenty big enough. That category is also in building 1, which I understand from people we talked to has a bit smaller rooms.
    The superior rooms are at the end in building 5, which faces west. The view isn't over Tower Isle, but still ocean... for the most part. We walked the path at the end of the property that goes right past building 5's balconies. We noticed a lot of thick, tall foliage. The 1st floor rooms look right at it. So if you had a 1st, or maybe even 2nd floor room, particulalry at the far end you may not have a view, or much of one.
    The premier rooms are centrally located in buildings 2 and 3, with building 2 being behind the pool, and 3 over/beside the lobby. I'm sure they all have great views.
    We were happy with the deluxe room and would stay in it again. It was nice to be away from the entertainment and lobby. I don't think there's really a huge difference in those 3 categories though. The big difference would be to get a suite for the tub, space and mini-bar.

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    We stayed in the Deluxe ocean view room in January and LOVED the room. It had everything we needed and the view of the ocean was wonderful. We slept with our windows open every night, and did not hear a thing besides the ocean. I met many people who had the rooms with a hot tub, and all agreed it was not worth the price because only in the room to sleep. I did take a look at the Garden rooms, and the location was nice, however, you can not beat the sound of the ocean while you are sleeping.

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    Superior Ocean View has a view of the ocean and the property to the left of the resort. Deluxe have ocean views, but may be slightly obstructed by swaying palm trees. Premier have views of the ocean and the island.

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    Default Ocean Junior suite

    Posted this on another thread with no luck. Can any one explain the description location from the FAQs for this category? Third floor in main building--first or second floor in block #2 and #3. What/where are block #2 and #3? Are they part of the main building? Is there really an ocean view from the first floor?

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    Reporting from Deluxe Ocean Room live! We're on the 5th floor and the view is spectacular. We're over the swim-up pool/bar. It's rather NOISY later in the afternoon, but that bar closes at 6 p.m. We look out onto the Island and can see clear down the beach to the lobby area.

    The Superior Ocean rooms are further away and the view is not so hot. It's after the building takes a turn so you look out to the sea and the retaining wall.

    Premier Ocean rooms are closer to the center/lobby area.

    I've never been on the first floor, but I can tell you the 4th and 5th floors have really great views. Some of the 4th floor views (and probably 3rd and 2nd as well) can be a bit obstructed by palm trees.

    Weeping as I come to print my boarding passes for tomorrow. We had the BEST 2 weeks here and can't wait to return in 2012!

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    I am glad that u had a wonderful time, Sun_Princess. How is the weather there? I am so sick of snow and cold I don't know what to do. We won't be in Jamaica until September. We have a Ocean Jr. Ste. which we got for the minibar. I have read many people say they shouldn't have wasted the extra money but, my husband & I will end each night with a drink or 2 on the balcony before bed. The actual anniversary night we may end up in the room after dinner until morning. I guess it's just the preference of the guest. We do not want to carry drinks from the bar to the room.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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