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    Default Avoiding Cruisers

    How do I find out what days the cruise ships will be in port so we can avoid things like Dunn River Falls on those days?

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    Generarally there are no cruise ships in port on Sundays. On Sundays Dunn's River Falls is almost empty. When we were there the only people there were two samll groups one from CSS and the other from CTI

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    We were at CTI May 2010. At that time, Sunday was a day no cruise ships were in port. I believe that is still the case. Great benefit as we did not have to wait in line. Only downfall is that the vendors really want to sell to you as there are no ships that day. So be persistent and keep saying no, we had one that followed our group to the van and persistently begged for us to buy from them. Shoving his hands through the open window with trinkets. They first tell you it is free, them comes the monologue....

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    I think I remember reading somewhere that Sunday is the good day to do Dunn River Falls. I think it said cruises don't stop on Sundays. I could be wrong, so don't hold me to it.

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    They are not in Friday, Sat, Sunday, we did the falls on Sunday and were the first ppl there and had no crowd issues!!
    Make sure when shopping you tell the vendors you are NOT on a ship, you will get better deals!!

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    I just posted a link to a list a few days ago but I forgot to save the link! I couldn't find it but I found another one just like it.

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    Go to It lists ships, ports and dates. We check every place we go.
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    As far as the horrible craft village as you depart the falls, on Sunday mornings it is not open because vendors are attending church Right!

    That fact makes Sunday even a better day to visit the Falls

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