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    Default Which Couples should we go to?

    We'll be going for our honeymoon June 26 - July 2! We're so excited! But haven't booked yet, and can't decide which Couples is right for us. Can anyone compare/contrast for us?

    We're an early 20's couple, looking for a NICE room. :-)

    Also, we love the water and the beach, and would like a big enough beach and clean water.

    Thirdly, we want to make sure that there are activities to keep us busy!

    Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    CSA or CN at Negril.
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    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016

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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You won't be disappointed in choosing to spend your honeymoon at a Couples resort.

    CSS, CSA and CN have nice, large beaches while CTI's is a little smaller. If by "clean water" you're talking rocks and seaweed then you'll find CN and CSA have the "cleanest" water. Of the two CN has more activities available to keep you busy.

    Here's a basic compare/contrast of the Couples resorts:
    CTI - nice smaller resort on the Ocho Rios side of the island with a "high rise" feel. Things are closer together and there's Tower Isle for those who want an all over tan. The catamaran, horseback riding and Dunn's River excursions are great!
    CSS - a beautiful mid-size resort on the Ocho Rios side of the island built into cliffs with tropical vegetation and lots of stairs and places to walk. Spread out with some beautiful views and two beaches, the main beach and Sunset Beach where you can get an all over tan by day and catch a gorgeous sunset. Includes Dunn's River Falls excursion.
    CSA - a beautiful large resort on the Negril side of the island that is very spread out. The soft white sand and sunsets are exquisite but they do not offer a AN beach. There are plenty of daily activities to enjoy that include volleyball and a nightclub. A catamaran cruise is included.
    CN - a beautiful mid-size resort on the Negril side of the island. A little less spread out but still large enough to wander around. The beach is of soft, white sand and the water is very clear. Lots of daily activities are encouraged by staff. Excursions include a catamaran cruise.

    You'll find that the staff and food at any of the resorts is super! No matter which resort you choose you'll enjoy being pampered as you relax and begin your life together.

    Others will undoubtedly add to the things they've found that makes each resort unique. Some will insist that they've found the perfect resort. The big thing to remember is that the perfect resort is the one that meets your needs. So, do your homework and find that place. The good news is that no matter which Couples resort you choose you can't go wrong. They're all wonderful resorts with great staff who will work to make your vacation the best.

    Best wishes,

    Bart & Bug

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    If you love the beach I would suggest CSA. It has the most amazing beach in the world. Haven't been to the other three resorts, we found CSA four years ago and have returned every year since. Just can't bring ourselves to go anywhere else now!

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    If you want a big beach, probably CSA. If you want included activities, CTI. Otherwise all of the resorts offer every you are looking for in your honeymoon. Just keep researching and you will find that you keep going back to one of the four and that will be the one that is "calling" to you.

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    We just booked our honeymoon to CSS from June 24th-July 2nd - pretty much the same time as you! We are also early 20's and have never been to a Couples Resort. We booked a one bedroom beachfront suite which sounds like a pretty nice room.
    It sounds like the CN or CSA might have better beaches so I should probably let more experienced Couples visitors advise you on this But we'd love to meet another younger couple on our trip!

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    If I can ever break myself away from Negril, lol, I would love to try CSS or CTI. They sound wonderful.

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    All four of the Couples Resorts are beautiful,unigue and weddings and honeymoons ready
    CSS..Couples Sans Souci stands out as the honeymoon and wedding resort in my opinion.
    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    Its your honeymoon, get the beachfront jacuzzi suite at CSS. The grounds are beautiful, its private, its quite, and they have the most amazing spots to take pictures at. Sure the beach at CSA is bigger, but its also full of people!, save the Negril side for next year when you go back, because you will go back! You will not be dissapointed.

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    Congratulations on your up coming wedding! We went to CSA 20 years ago for our honeymoon, been back there 1996, 2001 renewed ten year anniversary on the beach, 2004 and we are going July 5th through the 12th for our 20th wedding anniversary. It's a five star and even more. Beautiful beach, great rooms, we stay in the Atrium as it has no TV, so this way have to spend time together. Staff and food are great. I am counting the days until we are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommywommy View Post
    All four of the Couples Resorts are beautiful,unigue and weddings and honeymoons ready
    CSS..Couples Sans Souci stands out as the honeymoon and wedding resort in my opinion.
    Hugs from 10 0 C
    I would have to agree with Tommywommy. CSS is incredibly romantic. We had an opportunity to meet Tommywommy and his wife last year at the airport lounge and he is a great voice of experience. How many times have you visited Couples TW??? More than anyone else I know of, that much I can tell you.
    Best wishes on your wedding!

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