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    Just got back from a quote trip with my husbands work. The resort was georgeous (PDC Mexico), the company was great, but I continued to think often, "I wish I was in Jamaica." I was talking to another traveler on the plane, and we has similar views. "They would have done this in Jamaica...." All vacations are fantastic, but Couples Vacations are goosebump and tears fantastic!

    Hope to see you next year Couples, miss you!

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    I know exactly what you mean! My husband wanted to go to Mexico to try something new. I did my best to talk him out of it. I gave in and gave it a try. The resort was beautiful and had great food but we both missed CTI the entire time. We were making plans again and he suggested Ireland. It took me two seconds to talk him out of it. Now all I have to say is "remember Mexico?". So happy to be going back home in 24 days!

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    Same story for us. We vacationed at CN in 2009 then PDC Mexico in 2010 because we always said we would never vaca the same place twice (we thought all those die hard couples repeaters were crazy) but here we are going back to Jamaica, this time CSA for 2011! There was absolutly NO comparison on the overall vacation. I was very disappointed in the resort and missed Jamaica the whole time while in Mexico. Can't wait to go back to paradise!

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