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    Default What currency to use in Jamaica?

    Its 3 weeks untill we arrive in CSA and I am so excited.
    We are from the UK and are wondering what currency is best to spend in Jamaica. I have been to Tobago and they seemed to prefer USA dollars there, but not sure if in Jamaica they perfer there own currency?
    Any advice is much appreciated.
    Many thanks x

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    Most people take US$. It's accepted everywhere in Jamaica. The beach vendors actually perfer it.

    However, on our last trip we brought US$ and Jamaican$. Found if we were buying things from a store or restaurant we got a beter price using JA$. It was great experience using their money too. Made thins easier too because often you pay with US$ and you get JA$ back. Found it hard to do the math for the exchange rate in my head so I never knew if I was getting the right change.

    Hope you enjoy your visit to CSA. It's our favorite place in Jamaica.

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