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    Default Office of Nature

    Do they have anything non-seafood? My husband loves lobster so it would be fun to go but I do not eat seafood.

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    Yes, wife is same way they do the best chicken also

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    Great - thanks for the info. It is one of the things that I have read about but have not tried - that may have to be our new experience this coming visit. We are planning on being there the first few days of July.....just when it comes back.

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    Default One more question...

    Do they have Ting? Hubby likes lobster but does not drink much.

    Also - where is it located? I know we can walk from the CN beach....


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    Our past trips to CN have been in February & March when lobster is in season. We'll be returning "home" this April 17th - 24th.
    I know lobster is out of season from April 1st thru June 30th so I was wondering what other cooked treats we could get at the Office of Nature during our stay. Any recommendations?

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    Can you walk on down from CSA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tupperitaville View Post
    ...Also - where is it located? I know we can walk from the CN beach....
    Walk to the North (when on CN's beach facing the water, to your right) past the "R" resort next door, then the beach property for the resort across the road, and then a pavilion structure labeled "Office OF Nature" - but not the original.
    About 20 yards further the vegetation becomes thicker and closer to the waterline. At this area you will see many vendors with tarps covering their wares and one of these will have a small wooden sign labeled "Office Of Nature".
    Total distance from CN's beach is approximately 1/2 mile.

    Quote Originally Posted by arkansasgirl View Post
    Can you walk on down from CSA?
    You can, but it is quite a walk. We've walked from CSA to CN (going up on the road when nearing Rutland point) and I believe it took approximately 45 minutes. It may be easier to do a trading places or take a taxi from CSA to Bloody Bay, and then walk to the OON.

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