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    My rewards status has me listed as newbie but I am a returning customer. I have been trying to contact you through e-mail and voicemail and have had no response. My trip is in a few days and I would like to complete pre-check in.

    Please help!

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    Ditto. Nothing but radio silence.

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    This is our 3rd trip to CSA, and when I went to pre-checkin yesterday, they only had our 2nd trip in the system. We did not get credit for the 1st one. :O(

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    I also am listed as newbie. I have sent several e-mails to Sean with no results to date. I am returning for 9 nights in August and I am going to try again to get my first 5 nights recognized.

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    I have also tried several times to email through the contact us on the romance rewards link and have not ever gotten a response. My husband and I went to Sans Souci last September and are still waiting on someone to please credit those days on our rewards program. Can someone please check into this?

    Thanks so much!!!

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