My husband and I are planning our first Couples trip in October to celebrate our 20th!! Thanks to all of your posts here, we have narrowed it down to CSA or CN. We are looking for a vacation that will be very romantic and relaxing.

Here's what we like about CSA:
-more food choices - we are foodies!
-fitness facilities - tennis and yoga!
-like the look of the buildings/rooms/verandahs better at CSA than at CN
-longer beach for walking

Here' what we like about CN:
-beach seems more private
-pool is beautiful, but we'd probably spend most of our time on the beach, so not a big factor.

While we are leaning towards CSA, it seems from the message board that the beach environment is more lively at CSA than at CN. Can anyone comment if one resort has a more peaceful and tranquil vibe than the other, or does it vary with the couples there during any given week? Can you find a quiet place to veg on the beach at CSA? Nightlife at both places seems about on par with what we're looking for.

Can't wait to go!!