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    Default Accommodating group of 10 for dinner seating?

    Our group of 5 couples will be arriving at CTI on March 5th. Does anybody know if it's possible to have our whole group sit together for reservations at the restaurants? No problem if we can't, but just wondering if they accommodate arranging tables to seat a group of our size. Thanks, Carol!

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    Couples will do their best to seat you in a group. The best advice is to give them advance notice of at least 24 hours

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    No problem, we have had up to 20 for dinner. Make your reservation early and check up on it during that day.

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    I don't know about at CTI, but when we were at CSA last September, our first night there we met up with some other couples from our building and the 12 of us went to dinner together. It wasn't a problem at all for them to accomodate 12.

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    They will do it, but you might not want to every night. Large groups tend to be loud and the evening time is all about romance. A large group can kinda kill the mood.
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    Hi: Our group of 10 was just at CTI the first week of February. We had no problem getting seating. When we ate at the reservation required we booked as a group. We did however have to choose either an early seating or very late. Most of us preferred to eat around seven so we had no issues. At the buffet and Veranda were no reservations were required, we arrived early to the restaurants, around 6:30-6:45 and asked politely, we were always accomodated. If you arrive for a later sitting then you might have to accept being split into two groups. Enjoy!

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    Everything is "no problem"! They will always take care of you.

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    In years past at CTI we have had groups that ranged from four to 10. Last year we he able to get all 10 of us together on several occasions at all but eight rivers. We had to split into 6 and 4 there. We know a couple other groups in the 8 to 10 size, and they too frequently dine together. Just be flexible on when you want to eat, most times we were at one of the last seatings. Also, know that the service may be a little slower as they try and coorinate the larger group.
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    The most I have seen at a table at either 8 Rivers or Veranda is 8. Bayside is small, so probably 4-6. The buffet, well you can ask the staff and they will set you up tables so all of you can sit together.

    Last year we saw a large group at 8 Rivers using to separate table set ups. They probably had 16-18 people for a wedding. The problem was they got REALLY loud trying to talk to each other over the tables. So that being said, if they can seat you and they will probably do what they can to accommodate, please be mindful of those of us who are enjoying a quiet romantic dinner with our love.

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    Great question....we are going to be a group of 12 and we were wondering the same!

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    We are wondering the same thing. We will be arriving on 21 Apr with 5 other couples. We would like to eat at 8 Rivers on Fri, 22 Apr as we will be renewing our wedding vows the next day on our 35th wedding anniversary. I know we need to make reservations when we check in but we wasn't sure whether they could sit us all together.

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    thanks for asking this!! I"m getting married at CN June 4th and was hoping to have all of my guests have dinner together for a "rehearsal dinner" and dinner after the wedding. Glad to know it shouldn't be an issue!! Can't wait!

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    Thank you everybody! It is nice to have at least a couple evenings where we can be seated together. So this is good to know. Having quiet time alone is a good thing Couples is just that...Couples!! Appreciate all the input and glad it helped others who were wondering like myself.

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