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Thread: December 2011

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    Squally, I will email you with details. Please say you'll be back in 2012~ we will be! Missing our friends this year BIGTIME!!

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    i'll be a crazy and dirty old man until i die, until then LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL.

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    rae, just to make sure you have my right email address squally 80 @ if all goes well we will be their next year, but at my age 69 who knows.ha ha.

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    Default You're probably right

    Quote Originally Posted by cjmohr View Post
    Squally is a crazy old man! Joe and Cindy I think we have been at Couples at the same time the past 3 years we will have to meet at the Island for a Drink this year either the 9th or the 10th or both! We hate that we will not see Dave and Rae this year I hope all is well with them! Joe and Cyndi
    We always go this time of year for our anniversary and see many of the same good people year after year. It's part of what keeps us coming back.

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    we will be there from Dec 1 st to the 8th cant wait!!!!

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    Default dec 1st to the 8th for us cant wait!!

    dec 1st to the 8th

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    Hello, everyone! We're Kristine and Ryan, and we're eloping in Jamaica! The date's set for 12/22/11, the day before my 24th birthday (lots of things to celebrate on this trip!). Hope to see some of you there 12/19-12/25!

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    Bob & Christine from Bethel, ME will be at CTI from Dec 3 to Dec 10 - our seventh trip to Couples and just as excited as our first visit. Ya Mon!

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    Default dec 1st to the 8th for us cant wait !!!

    dec 1st to the 8th for us cant wait !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by longingforhome View Post
    We'll be there Dec 2nd through the 10th. Can't wait!!!!!!

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    Great we will look for you. We got married at CTI December 10th, this year is our 15th anniversary!
    So looking forward to vacation! Safe travels!

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    Default Woo hoo!!!

    Doing the single digit dance today!!! I'm so excited to get there I can't stand it! My coworkers are all ready to drive me to the airport right now just so I will go away and stop talking about it...oh well!

    See you all soon...very soon!

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    7 Days..... 7 days.... I have to stop reapeating that, I am driving myself nuts!!! LOL Soon come.....

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    Not a far drive, Vic!

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    Hi all! Mitch and Joda here. We r going to b on r honeymoon and ringing n the new year at cti and very excited! we r arriving dec. 26-jan. 2. this is r first time to couples. congratulations Bob and Traci on your anniversary! we r from Illinois too and looking forward to seeing the sun shine!

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    congratulations lisa and mike, steve and becky, and sarah and clay on your upcoming weddings! we r getting married december 24 at home and then off to cti to celebrate and bring n the new year as mr. and mrs.

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    Leaving tomorrow morning 12/8 at 535AM will be in MBJ at 10:54AM. This has been a very long year and this is a much needed vacation us!

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    Back home from paradise
    We had a blast! It was great seeing George and Sue again and it was a pleasure meeting Joe and Cindy and Margie and Scott....We had a great time with all of you!! Scott...your pictures are safe with me .
    Hope to see you all again next year.


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    Had the ultimate "meet up" last week. After cancelling our trip back in June, I tried not to pout and be a grown up and realize the financial benefits of waiting another year. However, my emotions got the best of me Sunday, Dec. 11 and had a meltdown. Dear Dave agreed that if I could book a last minute trip under a certain dollar amount, we could go for 4 nights. Monday was spent on the phone and computer trying to find SOMEthing that would work. FINALLY, at 3:15 pm our travel agent came through for us!!! I packed in 1 hr. One bag and a carry-on. 24 hrs. later we drove to Milwauke to a Sleep Park and Fly and flew out on the 6AM flight, arriving in MoBay @ 1-ish. Surprised some friends (the screeching could be heard throughout the resort) and had a great time!! What a whirlwind! Lesson learned: never cancel a trip to Couples.

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    Single digits!! Leaving on the 27th and will be there thru the 2nd. All paperwork is in order for us to get married on New Years Eve!! Cant wait!!

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    Sean and Angel it was great to see you two also...great time...hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a great New Years...if our daughter's wedding doesn't break us we will be back same time next year...forget the wedding comment..we'll be back..
    George and Sue

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    2nd timers at CTI - will be there12/18-12/26. Anyone else?! Hoping for an amazing Christmas

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