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    Default Drinks at Floyd's Pelican Bar?

    My wife and I would like to check out Floyd's this April. I am unable to drink beer (celiac) and am wondering what's else might be out there to keep myself hydrated....Thanks!

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    They have pop too. We got plastic bottles of Pepsi.
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    They have soda and rum (I think). In reality, since you will probably be setting up the trip in advance with a private tour company, you should be able to get them to set up a drink choice in advance.

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    I'm sure they have water and Cola available..Pelican Bar is amazing.

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    Beer and water is all we saw. I don't think he had anything else unless it was sodas, but I'm sure he doesn't have hard liquor.
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    They have beer, rum punch, soda, water and juice. We just went last month and had a terrific time. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for all of the replies. We have been waiting for this trip (4th) since September '10. Found out in January about the celiac. I was really looking forward to having Red Stripe on the beach again. So much for that. I'll need to start thinking of an alternative. Not into the sugary stuff.....Thanks again!!

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