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    Can you purchase distilled water at CN store,for a CPAP machine.

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    I have always used the tap water and never had a problem, although I do use the distilled water at home.

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    No idea, but I would suggest you contact Couples Negril and tell them about your need for distilled water. They might have some at the resort (maybe to use to fill irons).

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    The purpose of distilled water is to prevent build-up of mineral deposits in the chamber of the machine which will then shorten the operating life of the chamber. Using the tap water at the resort for the length of a vacation would likely not cause any damage to your machine, particularly if you clean it good with some vingar to remove any deposits when you get home.

    A friend of mine that uses a cpap machine was making a trip to Guatemala to adopt a child and someone at the place she buys her supplies gave her a tip about her mask you may or may not find useful, they told her to save one old mask and use it on the trip and then throw it away when she got home. I can't recall the, or increased risk of bacteria? Water in Jamaica is certainly cleaner than Guatemala but just thought I'd throw that out there for consideration. You could ask your supplier what the rationale might be and if it would be of benefit for you.

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    My travel agent contacted CTI for me and they said it would be no problem the distilled water would be in our room when we arrive March 30

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    Thank you for all your helpful tips. I will contact Couples Negril and ask them maybe they will be able to have some in our room.

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    My husband also uses the tap water at the resort for the week we are there. He uses distilled water at home. Has had no problems with resort water for such a short time.

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    just use rum

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