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    Default a la Carte Restaurant Bookings CSS

    Staying at CSS first week of april do we need to book the a la carte restaurants when we arrive or can they be booked each day we wish to go to dinner that evening

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    That will be a week when the resort is at full or almost full capacity, so it is best to have your days picked out ahead of time, and reserve them when you are checking in. That way you will be able to get the seating times you want. Only 2 restaurants require reservations, Palazzina and Cassanova. Both have indoor and outdoor seating, with outdoor being the best, in our opinion. You don't need reservations for Tuesday night (the Beach Party0 or Friday night (the Gala).

    We will be there the first week of April, too! Go to the "Meet Up At Couples" thread and put your names into the April group! Looking forward to meeting you there! You will absolutely lover CSS!! If you'd like more information about CSS, send us an e-mail to

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