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    Default Question about booking YS Falls at resort.

    We are going to go to YS Falls when we are at CSA in May and are trying to decide what will be the best option for us. Either booking a private driver, booking online with a tour company before we go or booking at Couples. Has anyone booked this at the resort recently? Can you tell me the price and the schedule? We are not that interested in pairing it with anything else. We have looked at Black River and Appleton and they just don't interest us that much. We would rather just spend a few hours at the falls then head back to the beach. However if it is drastically cheaper to do a combo thru the resort I wouldn't complain about it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We found that the tour desk at CN wanted $180. per couple to do Mayfield Falls and that was just the transportation round trip, entrance fee and lunch were not included. Our research before going to CN on the internet many tour companies were charging $130 to $140 per couple and it included entrance and lunch.

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    The cost is alot cheaper if you just hire a driver for the day and pay the admission fee. Also you will get see alot more as the driver will let you stop, shop, and eat when you want etc...

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    You can also try to work with some of the contractors on-line. There is one in particular that we use, and last time we toured with them, they actually helped us to put together a multi-couple tour that brought the price down nicely.

    Just a single couple will be a bit pricey, but if you can tolerate that, you'll have a ball with the more personal attention you'll get from your operator.


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