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    Default Travel In August???

    I'm turning 50 August 17th and am looking to travel around August 15th with my husband. We are from Ohio. Is there much to worry about hurricanes at this time? Rain? Would you recommend CSA we are a fun loving couple. Thanks for any input.

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    We travel to CSA and or Couples every August. Two near misses and one postponed trip due to weather. We LOVE it still...

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    You will find people who will recommend will find people who will recommend any one of the other three resorts. You have to decide which one is most to your tastes. Each offers the incredible customer service Couples is known for, each has wonderful food, and each offers romance just in a different flavor. From there it's as if they weren't even a part of the same chain, they all look and feel different. I'd suggest going to the web pages for each and read every word, look at every it a thousand times. Read reviews here on the message board about the resorts. Eventually one or two will start to appeal to you over the others, then you can ask specific questions if you have some.

    As far as hurricanes...August is hurricane season. You are from there much to worry about as far as a tornado hitting on June 7th? It's about the same question, and I'm not trying to be flippant. Last year Jamaica got hit pretty hard with storms. Other years they get missed completely. No way to predict. If you travel during hurricane season you always run the risk. We go every year in November, also hurricane season. We always buy trip insurance just in case. Granted it won't salvage the trip we've looked forward to but it will give us the opportunity to rebook if it's ruined by a hurricane. I'd always recommend trip insurance no matter when you travel but especially during hurricane season.

    By the way, CSA is just need to decide if it's the one that suits you best.

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    there is always a chance of hurricanes during that time. June through November is the season.
    We went to CN a few years ago and there was a hurricane came through the week prior. Most of the damage was to the Ocho side.
    We haven't been to CSA, so can't comment, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Couples resorts.

    Just be sure to buy trip insurance.

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    We booked for August and got the trip insurance to cover any potential weather issues.
    We are from Indiana.

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    We will be at CSA to celebrate our 35th anniversary. We often go to Jamaica (and St. Lucia) in August and we have always been lucky. Let's keep our fingers crossed for August this year. We are from Wisconsin and will be at CSA Aug. 19-28. It will be a fun way to celebrate your 50th b'day! Hope to see you there! (We are both 55)

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    Any time we travel to the Caribbean in August, we always buy the trip insurance. Couples also has a hurricane guarantee, but that's only if a hurricane hits the island and impacts your resort. Hurricane Andrew and Katrina were both August hurricanes, so there is always that possibility.

    We love CSA - we've been there 5 times, and the guests range in ages from 20s to 80s. You can be as active as you want, or just relax with a book and frosty drink. There are no pushy activities directors trying to force you to do activities.

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