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    Default Breakfast in Room - CSA

    Could someone comment on what's included or available with the room service breakfast? A nice, relaxed breakfast on our balcony sounds wonderful!

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    IIRC, it was just an assortment of pastries, juice and coffee.

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    It's a smaller continental type breakfast. You can choose your drinks, pastries, cereal or fruit. They have juices, milk, coffee and maybe tea. The pastries are very good. I really love the banana bread. One thing to remember is not to keep the tray in your room, even if you are all the food. The ants will be in your room in a hurry if you leave it in the room so keep it on the balcony and then put the tray and everything else outside your door when you are done. If you want to save something just stick it in the fridge.
    It's not a huge breakfast but it is nice. I like to have a little prebreakfast breakfast while my husband is still sleeping or showering before we head over to the Palms. It's also nice if you have an early morning. I would order it when we would dive in the morning which was nice.

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    OMG -- could someone please bring me a carafe of coffee and some banana bread RIGHT NOW!!!! That is our favorite thing at CSA.
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    I agree with Vee!

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