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    Default hot tubs and after hour pool use

    are there hot tubs at CSA?? and if so what time are they open till..also do they allow after hour use of the pools?


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    Default hot tubs

    We went "hot tubbing" at CSA like 3 or 4 in the morning. I dont think there is a closing time.

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    Not sure about the pools, but I don't think a closing time is enforced for the hot tubs. :O)

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    Pools and hot tubs are always open unless they are being cleaned which I'm told is in the early morning hours. We went to the pool every night after dinner. We brought drinks from the room and had a blast. Just be respectful of those eating at Patois or Palms.

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    We too used the pool/hot tubs after dinner. Our favorite was the one by Palms,it is a little more secluded. Nothing like a drink with your love in the hot tub while you watch the stars. 98 days.

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