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    Default Question for Randymon or Management

    Wife and I are planning a return trip to Couples around October time.

    How far in advance does Couples publish their rates for Secret Rendezvous? Also if we utilize this option, can we upgrade room type if they are available? And if we did upgrade would the difference be between offered room and the normal price of the upgraded room?

    Thank you kind Sir

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    Also, keep an eye on the Wednesday Specials. I have seen Wednesday Specials with a better price then the Secret Rendezvous. ( and with the ability to pick your resort ). We did Secret Rendezvous, and we were told by the reservations department, we could pay for an upgraded room once we knew our resort. Resort was full, so we were unable to pay for an upgrade - but when we arrived they upgraded our room for free ( and the resort was Full !). It was a nice surprise.

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