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Thread: Cti or cn?

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    After having been away from our beloved Couples and Jamaica for several years we are coming back baby!!! We have been to CSS & CTI (when it was COR). We were looking to book this time at CN. The only room available on the dates we wanted at CN is a Garden View. We really like to have an ocean view room. We can get a Deluxe Ocean Room at CTI on our dates. It looked like some of the garden rooms at CN have a view of the ocean. My question is, should we spend the extra $200 for the ocean view and stay at CTI or go with the garden view at CN and save the money and try a different side of the island? We are hoping to finalize our booking today!

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    I would try CN. The gardens are really pretty, so the view is still very nice. And you will love, love, love the beach at CN.

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    This is interesting cause my husband and I are sort of in the same predicament. We have been to CTI twice now and immensely enjoyed ourselves both times. We are looking to book again for January 12 and would love to try Negril but our heart is at CTI. should we take the plunge and move to the unknown or stay with what we know?! any advice?

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    You've seen's wonderful and has it's own unique, come find out why the locals say,"the west coast, is the best coast"...definitely CN...and...the garden view rooms are AWESOME...nothing at CN has a flawless beach view, but all rooms are steps from the beach!!
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    I think we are gonna go with CN. thewehrs, we can relate to your dilemma! We really enjoyed our vists to CSS and COR (CTI). We really want to experience the other side of the island though so we are going with CN this time. I figure it is still a Couples resort so it has to be wonderful! Good luck with your decision!

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    You have to experience all 4 couples then make your decision, if you dont you wont know what your missing! We finish out the 4th with CTI this coming April, right now CSS is our favorite, but we love them all!

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