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    Default repeater dinner?

    we are going in may whats the repeater dinner and whats all the noise about this subject? ist timer sorry

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    The repeaters diiner is for anyone or S/O that has stayed at any Couples resort. If you are then you get invited to a special private dinner at the Couples resorts you are staying it. Couples mamagement is in attendence and one rep from management will host your table. It is a special menu and is something that should not be missed
    The nigth varies depending on which resort you are staying at. Example at CSS it is on Thursday nights and Monday nights at CTI

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    If you are a Romance Rewards Member and have been to a Couples Resort within the last 2 years I believe, you are invited to a repeater dinner. It is for all returning couples customers and they seat you with different managers and want input on things that can be made better, or just to hear issues that you may have. If it is your first time to a couples you are not invited, only for those who are returning.

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