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    Default what about when lobster is not in season..??

    we will be at csa april 29th - may 9th, and i know lobster is not in season during this time....does this mean NO lobster is available at the resort at all, on lobster night or any other night for that matter...???.......or better yet, we went to a restraunt down the beach last time we were at csa 2 years ago (though at christmas time) and had the most wonderful lobster dinner, will the restraunt not have lobster available either.....can anyone fill me in on this lobster not in season thing...we have 14 people coming for our wedding during that time and were hoping to all enjoy some of that wonderful lobster we had the last time we were there....thanks for all responces in advance..!!

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    There was no lobster in June at all

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    In the past under Jamaican law there used to be some exception made for limited quantities of frozen lobster (lobster taken in-season but held frozen). I think this exception has been severely limited or ended altogether recently because of abuses by some less reputable resorts and restaurants. Couples is a class organization that respects both the law and the sealife offshore. I would be very surprised to find any lobster available at a Couples resort during the designated 'off season'. To keep the supply of lobster healthy over the long term these rules are very important. I hope people will not buy and eat the lobster being caught and sold illegally during that time. As for nice resorts like Couples, I would expect more yummy shrimp during that time. It's all good!

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    I copied & pasted this article from the Jamaica Observer. The "no lobster season" runs from April 1st until June 30th and it applies to everyone in Jamaica, not just the resorts..

    Lobster season closes April 1


    Monday, March 29, 2010
    THE 2010 lobster season closes on April 1, and 21 days later it will be illegal for persons to have lobsters -- in whole or part -- in their possession.

    "Anyone found with whole lobsters or lobsters parts will risk prosecution, fines, possible jail terms and loss of credibility," said Ian Jones of the Fisheries Division.

    "Breaches of close season regulations are particularly detrimental for hotels and restaurants, as they tarnish their public image and display themselves as irresponsible corporate citizens," Jones added.

    Lobster close season is observed annually to prevent harvesting, and to allow the lobsters to breed and replenish stocks.

    In 2009, new regulations governing the close season for spiny lobster were established. These include a mandatory signed declaration of the weight of lobsters in stock and their location. This declaration is given only by the Licensing Authority of the Fisheries Division, following inspection and verification.

    The Fisheries Division said spiny lobster fishery was the second most important fishery for export earnings in Jamaica, accounting for some 60 per cent of total fishery landings.

    This has put spiny lobster fishery under pressure, requiring critical management interventions such as closed seasons, minimum size regulations, gear restrictions and prohibiting taking lobsters carrying eggs (berried lobsters) and molting lobsters.

    Jones emphasized that only lobster stocks that have been declared and licensed may be sold in closed season.

    "Additionally, all lobster sales are illegal after April 21. This includes declared stocks and any lobster parts or whole lobsters. Fishing and holding lobsters alive in any holding device is also illegal," he said.

    The Fisheries Division Officer appealed to conscientious citizens and non-governmental organizations to assist in reporting breaches during the close season, in order that the rules may be enforced and the lobsters given a chance to breed and replenish for the benefit of the entire industry.

    "We will be working closely with the Coast Guard and Marine Police to carry out additional surveillances, especially at nights," he remarked.

    In addition, Jones said the fishing communities also have a role to play and a responsibility to protect their livelihood, by assisting with patrols and reports of breaches and encouraging fishers to comply with the close season regulations.

    He said the Fisheries Division had done a lot of preparatory work in sensitizing communities and business organizations, such as the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, local hotels and the chambers of commerce.

    "If nobody buys, there will be no reason for illegal lobster hunting, making public awareness and input vital," he said.

    Read more:

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    The seasons indicate when it is legal and when it is not due to breeding patterns. Nobody is allowed to sell, cook, eat, etc it at all during the time it is out of season we were told. If Couples was allowed to have it, they would. If they don't have it, you shouldn't be able to get it anywhere else either.

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    Lobster is out of season from April 1st through June 30. It's their mating season. So unless the resort has some frozen, you can't get it. No worries, many other delicious items available.

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    There will be no lobster at the resort, except maybe at the repeaters dinner, however some of the off resort restruants will have some lobster for you.

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    Congradulations, my husband and I and my brother and his wife will also be there on the 29th of april. Hopefully well be able to see your wedding and meet you there.

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    We were there during the off season one year. I love lobster, so much so that we planned this Sept's trip to be there for two lobster nights.
    But the food is soooo good, I hardly missed the lobster!
    I do miss the jerked chicken! UMMM, now that's good!

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    You make mention of frozen lobster....if you are having a wedding there the beginning of April...can we request frozen lobster as part of our meal? Just curious....

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    I will be arriving April 2nd. Man am I crossing my fingers that they have one left over for me! If not, I'm sure everything else will be just as delicious!

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    For the first year or two of enhanced enforcement of the off-season lobster mandate, it was "allowable" to be in possession of stock-piled, frozen lobster and parts... but no more. Just as fish and game are protected here in the US, natural resources are protected elsewhere in the world. This should come as no surprise.

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