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    My husband and I are going to be going on our first trip to Jamaica in five more days, to CSS. Can't even begin to express how excited we both are.

    However, recently I've noticed people mentioning that over the past few months there has been a lounger/floatie shortage and they've been getting up very early to save one. I absolutely hate getting up early on a work day, so being on vacation, I refuse to wake up early! So now I'm worried that we won't be able to get loungers each day. This could be a serious drawback to how much we enjoy our trip. My plan is spend most days at the beach and pool.

    Can people who have recently been at CSS tell me if this is a legitmate concern?


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    Quote Originally Posted by adelaney View Post
    . My plan is spend most days at the beach and pool.

    Can people who have recently been at CSS tell me if this is a legitmate concern?

    Uh, thats everybody's plan! Don't fret, you will be able to get a floatie no problem, I was there when they were at capacity, its not a problem. You might have to look around or move a chair to where you want it, but there is plenty regardless of what you may have heard.

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    We just returned from CSS on Sunday, and we did find that the early bird did catch the floatie. We are early risers anyway and I wanted to be sure to find space under shade so I didn't become the lobster special! There is lots of turnover over the course of the day, so you should be okay, but do be prepared to look around a bit. So long as you have the drink of the day and are at CSS, there are no concerns!

    On a short walk over to Sunset beach (A/N), I saw lots of floaties and free chairs over there. My other suggestion is to check out the mineral pool, especially if you are in blocks D-E-F-G on the top of the resort. It's a nice quiet place and they also had some fun water aerobics. I like to walk along the tiny beach cove down by the waterfall/sauna/Drift Away spa location at low tide.

    Have a great time!

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    There really isn't a floatie shortage, but there isn't one on every chair, and the chairs may not be in your exact desired location. One problem seems to me that the staff can never predict where the bulk of the guests are going to be, and and there are multiple lounging locations (three pools and two beaches - I didn't count the lobby pool because I don't remember seeing many, if any, people or floaties up there).

    If you can't find an available floatie nearby, just ask the staff. It may take a few minutes, but in my experience they're always very accomodating.

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    Thank you for the replies. I feel better now! I was having images of us spending the day searching for a place to relax with no luck.

    Four more sleeps!

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    As Mestralle said, if you ask the staff they will get you one. Have a GLORIOUS time!

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