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    Default Anyone stay in Beachfront Verandah Suite at CSA?


    My fiance and me just booked our honeymoon for CSA, we are so excited! I was wondering if anyone stayed in one of these suites and what they thought of it. Were not going until December 29th but Im also wondering what are some "must things to do" while there

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    We've stayed in the beachfront verandah suites several times. In my opinion, you can't get any closer to the beach for the price. I do have to warn you that the use of the word "suite" is a little misleading. I think they call them suites because the balcony/verandah is so large, it's like an extra room. However, it's not a suite like we would have in the U.S. or Canada.

    Having said that, the king size bed is super comfy, there is a ceiling fan in both the bedroom and on the verandah. The bathroom is very basic (tub/shower combo), but always clean. There is also a couch on the verandah along with a table and chair. Can't forget the minibar and the flat screen TV, either.

    Storage space is a bit limited. I think there are only four drawers. But the closet is big - we always bring a few extra hangers so we can hang as much as possible (we stay 10 nights, so I bring at least five dresses, and Bob brings several pairs of slacks).

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    We have stayed in BVS the last 3 times at CSA and love the closeness to the ocean, the convenience of walking out the ground floor room just steps from the beach and hearing the sounds of the ocean at night. We have never felt our privacy was compromised even though people are walking by steps from the varandah. Try all the activities at CSA, the restaraunts and the spa/fitness facility is awesome. Make sure you walk the beach, go to the ocean and take a left. The guards will ask for your name and room number as you leave and return. Many locally owned places to stop for a drink or bite and conversation. Beach higglers can be dealt with by a polite but firm no thanks. Do an off-site excursion during your stay. We usually go on one excursion each time we are there and have been to Mayfield, Dunn's River and Y's Falls, Appleton Estate, Black River. CSA can coordinate or you can arrange for a private driver if you like. Sand gravity will take over and it will be among the best experiences of your life.
    Jack & Donna

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    Thank you very much for the information! Yes I know the "suite" is like a room but I'm glad the beds are comfy because we stayed at the RIU once and the beds were soo hard. I'm glad to confirm there is a TV, my fiance won't go to bed without one on haha. Im thrilled its that close to the beach because thats what we were aiming for. It sounds wonderful. We actually don't mind the locals or the beach higglers, your right they are polite and take no as an answer.

    Lutley, what is sand gravity?

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    My hubby and I stayed in a BVS in September and loved it!!! Just a tip, if you get ground floor, make sure to have your room key on you at all times. The verandah door automatically locks when you close it. I locked us out twice in the week we were there.

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    @Julie&Justin I just booked our honeymoon at CSA and we are staying in a Beachfront Verandah Suite too. We will be there from Dec.26 - Jan.2. I was checking out the messageboard to find out more about the BVS and saw this post...saved me some time, thanks! After reading all the reviews and looking at a million pictures, we are so excited! I have read that they have an awesome New Year's party. Good luck with your wedding and we'll see you on the beach!

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    Sand gravity - Once you hit the beach, you may not want to leave! The beauty of the surroundings, the friendliness of the staff, the green flag service, the breathtaking sunsets.... I can't wait until November when we return for our 6th trip to CSA.
    Jack & Donna

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    " Sand Gravity "
    " the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the sand ." Sand gravity is what happens when you hit the beach at CSA. Something - a force - causes you to not want to do anything but lie on the beach. You make plans for all these excursions , and you find the beach calling to you " stay here - the beach is more fun" Happens to everyone at CSA !

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    We were just there for our wedding and honeymoon and stayed in a beachfront suite and it was wonderful.Loved being so close to the ocean. I agree about bringing a few extra hangers but that is about it. And as for the t.v. we never watched it once! The staff is amazing and I can't wait to go back!!!

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    Tommc79 - when is your wedding? congrats too by the way My fiance was hoping to meet up with other couples to hang out so thats awesome your going then too. Once its get closer maybe we can figure something out seeing we will be so close while staying there!

    I get the sand gravity thing now lol, we did book zip lining so we will not be staying on the beach the whole time, i would but my fiance wont!

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    Julie&Justin- Our wedding is December 10th. Seems so far away, but I'm sure it will be here before we know it. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to the honeymoon just as much as the wedding? We should definitely plan a night for us honeymooners to all hang out. Kelly and I will buy the first round.

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    What do you need to do on Vacation.... Beach.... Relax!

    You will love the Beachfront Verandah Suite at CSA, we were in a 3rd floor Corner room. The view and sunset is incredible. Very Comfortable and Beachy Room!

    We are trying Couples Negril this year, 3 weeks to go

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    tommcl- we are getting married september 10th and it seems close & far away at the same time, so our honeymoons a little bit after the wedding but I dont want to miss any school & over winter break I have off from school & am off from work & its easier for my fiance to get off of work in winter time, plus I think new yrs will be more fun and I think it will be nicer that time anyway and its something to look forward too! . and no it is not weird to be just as exctied because after I booked our honeymoon I was soo excited for it, and I thought the same thing lol, Im looking forward to both!

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    tommcl79- I won't be there during your stay but I just wanted to say we are wedding twins! We are getting married dec 10th too! We just booked today for the beachfront verandah 12-19 and I am SO excited!!!

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    belle- That's awesome! I would love to leave for our honeymoon the 12th, but fiance is a teacher so we have to wait until her winter break. You'll have to leave us a post on here letting us know how your wedding and honeymoon go.

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