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    Default weather in September

    So we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and I want to know if the sun will shine or will it rain most of the time in Jamaica ocho rios. We will decide tomorrow couples ocho Rios tower isle or Italy. I love the sun, and do not mind the humidity.Help?? should we still book in September

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    Been to CTI 3 times all in September for our anniversary. We have been lucky to have it rain only one day each time we went. Our last visit, it rained our last night there. Going back this Sept. and looking forward to sunny days and humid nights.

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    One thing to remember is it is hurricane season... get travelers insurance... now on the other hand we have gone in september 10x and we go with a group that always goes the same time... our group is called the Ivan Islanders (we were there during hurricane Ivan)... so go dont worry but get the insurance just in case...

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