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    Default Looking for room advice at CN

    We will be spending three nights at CN after spending five nights at CSA. We have stayed at CSA before but this is our first time at CN. We would like recommendations on what type of room at CN we should request. We love the Atrium suites at CSA. In addition to room recommendations, any other advice would be appreciated also. We are looking forward to celebrating our 35th
    anniversary in Jamaica at Couples!!

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    Hi Cherie, people are right when they say all the rooms at CN are great. We've been to both CN and CSA and the rooms at CN are very different from CSA...we like them better because they are so colorful.

    We prefer the beachfront rooms...just to get as close to the water as possible. We've stayed in a suite too...they are nice if you've got the extra money. One two returns back we've never gone with the suite though.

    Other advice...just go and enjoy! It's all so very good.

    Enjoy your trip and happy anniversary!

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    Glad to hear you like the Beachfront rooms at CN. We're heading there in a few weeks and that's what we'll have. Just curious, did you have a good view of the beach too? I love to sit on a balcony and be able to look at the water.

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