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    Default 1 week before CTI... last minute suggestions?

    Wifey and I are taking our delayed honeymoon to CTI and leave in one week!!!! Second time to Jamaica, first to Couples. Any suggestions before we go? Also, there might be rain when we're there. We're not worried about it, but we're curious is there's any suggested fun activity on a rainy day at CTI


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    Congrats! We too are celebrating our delayed honeymoon (way over due.I was lookig at the weather report and seen rain for our trip also 9-16 but from what I have read from the wonderful forums is that it shouldnt last very long so thats what Im counting on. We plan on bringing a deck of cards,a good book,some puzzle games in our carry on and could always resort to them. Im sure there will be lots to see and do know matter what the weather is like. See you there very soon

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    Well, the bars are still open in the rain, and I would think your room would be a preferred hideaway on a your honeymon! No worries. The activity staff has games and books to check out as well. There is a pool table, a gym and the rain is usually warm enough to be out in it or in the ocean!

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    I believe rainy days are a great time to stay cooped up in your room! Even better being that its a delayed honeymoon too!!

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    Well, you could always just stay in your room. lol Actually, the rain in Jamaica is very short lived. maybe five or ten minutes and the sun returns. Now that's not to say that thre could be a torential downpour. But no one seems to mind. We ahve stayed in the water and played. We always say that a bad day in Jamaica is better than a good day at home. Enjoy


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason&Tiffy View Post
    Also, there might be rain when we're there. We're not worried about it, but we're curious is there's any suggested fun activity on a rainy day at CTI

    Thats why there is a king size bed in every room!

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    If you saw rain in the forecast forget it, you might have a few minutes a day but my experience is they always predict rain all day every day and you usually get sun all day every day. If you get an hour or so of rain go back to your room and sit on the a book, take a nap, I bet you'll think of something.

    My advice is when in Jamaica be sure you plan for plenty of down time for just sitting on the beach, don't pack your trip full of things to do.

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    Default Have Fun

    I just got back from CTI Feb 11th first time to Jamaica. I would say if youve read through most the messages on here you should be good to go! It actually rained off and on our first two days there. We just went and swam or whatever while it rained then it would clear off for a couple hrs then a small shower would come again. really not a big deal and i was extremely worried it was going to rain our whole time like the forcase said. If I was to go back I would have definately arranged how to spend my days differently. We were only there 5 nights so 4 full days. We did glass bottom boat ride and cat. cruise on monday then tues went to dunns river. wed snorkel clinic then snorkeling and then cat. cruise again. Then our final day my husband and other couple we were with wanted to do the windsurf clinic and a few other things. well that day we had no wind at 10 so they couldnt learn how to do it. About an hr later it was nice and windy and watersports still said no because the clinic was at 10. So if we went again we would have done more of the water clinic stuff first and then the dunns river later because that crowd stays the same regardless of the day because they go before the cruise ships port. Also if you get motion sick do not do glass bottom boat ride. I thought for sure my breakfast was going to be floating in the ocean! I honestly would skip it altogether and just go snorkeling. You dont really see to much on the boat ride! Also if your not really into the nightclub dance party scene you might want to skip margaritaville because it is definately a night/dance club on monday night. No jimmy buffet music!

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    We do the same things in the rain that we do in the sun. Eat, drink, enjoy friends, be merry, go to the swim up bar and drink more. Sunshine or LIQUID sunshine, it is all the same. You may even decide to wake up about the same time, but not get out of bed for a while......there are lots of fun activities to do without ever leaving the room on a rainy day............just a thought.

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    Read the FAQs. They'll provide a lot of information.

    As far as what to do on a rainy day, here are a few suggestions that come to mind:
    -Schedule a spa treatment
    -Spend some time alone together in your room
    -Curl up with a good book
    -Grab a drink and watch the rain come down
    -Have lunch or a snack
    -See if anyone is interested in playing cards
    -Check out the logo shop and gift store for souvenirs
    -Get in a workout
    -Visit the game room for a game of pool or ping pong
    -Participate in an activity that the resort might have scheduled for that time
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    Well, I have to say this, it is a delayed honeymoon, think about, what is a honeymoon about?

    At CTI they do have rain time things to do, the storms that we have had during our six time have only lasted an hour or so, so it was nap time.
    Irie Mon

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    Take time and get to know the staff members..CTI has an outstanding group of employees..
    AND..Be sure to seek of Maxine in guest relations and give her a hug for Tommywommy.
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    Uh... holiday in paradise... honeymoon..... and you're looking for rainy day fun activities?
    I suggest you don't let "Wifey" see your post.

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    Agree with Crabracer. When it rains in Jamaica it doesn't last very long. Maybe use the 10 minutes of rain to have some "honeymoon time" Wait nevermind you are a newly married couple so you might need more than 10 minutes Order a hummingbird. Visit the island. Try not to cry your last day you are there.

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