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    Default Horseback Riding at CTI

    We are going to CTI next week (8 days!!!) and its our first trip to Jamaica. I read in the information that you need long pants to go horseback riding....but in the pics they show people in their swimsuits. Just wondering if anyone has done the horseback riding, how it was, and if you need long pants for it?

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    We grew up asnd still live in Texas. While not everyone here rides horses everyday, my wife and I have been on horsebacks for over 30 years each. We took the horseback tour up into the mountainns a few years ago. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was reccommende to us to take long pants, but growing up riding in Texas summers, well, to say the least, we were used to riding in shorts. It is no problemm if you are accustomed to it. They do have some non-negotiable things though. You cannot ride without a helmet...this really tripped me out and, at first, I was a little insulted, but you must remember that safety is their first priority. It is for the good of the masses and I understand that. The excursion was lots of fun (despite the GOOFY helmets) and I would certainly encourage it. Their were two other coules on the trip with us and one had ZERO riding experience. They really enjoyed it also. Go, have fun, and wear will be just fine!!!

    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    I don't know what photos you saw, but only idiots would wear bathing suits riding unless perhaps it was a short, bareback beach ride into to water... which it is not. That was a publicity shot. All about looks and not reality.
    I had horses for years. I rode English so wore breeches... much more practical and comfortable than wearing stupid jeans. You chafe in those without chaps... that's why cowboys wore them. Must've been so hot! If you do a "real" ride (longer and with some speed) you would chafe in shorts for sure (unless you've built up callouses, lol). HOWEVER... Longer shorts or capri length pants would suffice for this ride though, as it is very tame and you just walk. At CTI I wore yoga pants. All the guys wore jeans.
    The "goofy" helmets are standard for even professional riders if you ride English (which they do in Jamaica, not surprisingly) and smart for safety. It's no more of an insult than wearing a bike or motorcycle helmet. It's just common sense.
    Do the ride. It's a a lot of fun and very informative. It's more like a tour than a trail ride, which is smart or tourists would be falling off all over the place. I've been on horribly mis-managed trail rides in the US or Canada with people galloping all over and falling off, and cranky, "sour" horses trying to buck their riders off or rub them on trees. This is nothing like that.
    I personally admire the company CTI uses' attention to safety. Their horses are very calm, well trained and well behaved. The guides are knowlegable and professional.

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    First, the horseback riding offered at CTI is a most enjoyable trip. It is through an old plantation and was both fun and educational with lots of neat scenes. Several folks had shorts and there did not seem to be any problems -- we did have long pants which is recommended. It's only a few minutes drive from CTI (actually between CTI and CSS). On that side of the island, we wish this was also offered as part of the package for CSS. Take a few $ to tip the guides as they do a great job.

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    Perfect timing for this question. Our group of 10 will be arriving at CTI tomorrow afternoon and some of the gals were wondering about that very thing. Long pants versus shorts. So thank you both, for the question and the comment. Only other you end up in the water with the horses?

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    My wife and I and our friends that go with us every year decided to do the horse back trip several years ago when we went to CTI. I have never rode a horse before and as my friend Joe said I was very quiet for the first time he ever noticed (nerves!!)... but it was a lot of fun and very scenic... I suggest you give it a try. As far as wearing jeans I am a big supporter or it... not for getting chaffed though... for me it was very helpful when you get to the part when they take you and your wife over to a lookout point for a picture..... as the person was leading my horse over another horse's business end was jammed up against my knee... well needless to say I has some horse pooh on my pants... it was hillarious and we still laugh about it.... just very happy I had a denim buffer

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    What days are the horseback riding excursions. I have checked and double checked and don't see what day it is listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2lovinJamaica View Post
    do you end up in the water with the horses?
    No, the excursion goes on a trail in the hills, rather than on the beach. They'll take you to a place where you have a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Audra View Post
    (despite the GOOFY helmets)
    haha, we so agree! Our pictures are great, other than the fact that we look... well... special.

    I wore capri-length pants and had zero horseback riding experience and I probably would have worn shorts in hindsight. My husband wore carpenter-style khakis made of light-weight cotton. They also want you to wear closed-toe shoes, and I would agree that you should. It was fun, I wish CSS would offer it, too!

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    Shorts are fine unless getting rubbed by weeds is to much for you. I agree on the helmets being overkill. Eventually the powers that be in life are going to want us sheeple to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap just to walk down the street!!

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    Ill be going in April, Ill be wearing board shorts and sandals. Ill let you guys know how it works out for me.

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    Thanks everyone for the info!

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    We went on the horseback ride at CTI and had a great time. I wore capris for the ride. The only problem I had was that with my height (I'm short) the straps for the stirups pinched my bare calves.
    For 2lovinJamaica, no the horses do not end up in the water. This ride is on a plantation. There is no riding on the beach.
    This is a wonderful tour. Enjoy!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    I agree that long pants would be a bit much. But short shorts or bikini bottoms are too little IMO.
    Either way, do take the excuesion, It's great fun.

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    The included horsoeback riding through CTI does NOT go into the water at all. It is a nice little tour around a plantation with stops to check out the view and take photos, and a stop to learn about some local plants and fruits.
    If you want to ride in the water you need to purchase a different tour.

    Just a note about why riding in shorts is a bad idea... The flaps of an English saddle come down just below your knee. The stirrup leathers are only about an inch wide. They can rub or pinch your leg at the point where they meet the saddle flap. So if your pants are at least capri length they are long enough to avoid this potential problem. Plus leather rubbing against bare skin on a hot day just isn't pleasant.

    Another note... If you don't wear jeans, wear something DARK coloured. The saddles will likely not be perfectly clean (you are outdoors in a dusty environment), and even leather cleaner can leave stains.
    Also, wear the right footwear. Running shoes or some other closed toe shoe that stays on your foot is best.

    Despite all the posts and information about what to wear, one of the ladies in our group wore WHITE pants and afterwards had big brown stains on her bottom. Another wore wedgey/strappy sandals. Really? Would you hike in those? ...ok, maybe she would! lol

    Ladies, yoga pants (full or capri) work well as they tend to be dark coloured and not as heavy as jeans.

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