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    Default question about private dinners

    I am presuming the 300 resort credit can ber used for a private

    If so are they available on the buffet nights at CSA and CSS?

    At CSS could you have the dinner by the mineral pool? Thanks

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    Go to the "Contact Us" page and email the romance concierge.
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    At CSS last year we had a private dinner on Friday, the night of the Starlight gala AND it was located next to the mineral pool. It was wonderful. I felt kinda sorry for our waiter, though, when I found out he was running back and forth to the Palazinna (sp) for half of our meal.

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    Yes, you can use your resort credits for the private dinner. As for nights of the week for the meal, I think you can do it any night that you wish.
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    Thank you. Still wanting to know if the 300 resort credit can be used for a private dinner.

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    Look at this thread, pretty much spells it out.

    Announcing 2012 rates and benefits

    Its on page 3 of main message board, about Feb 28 was the last post to it. Explicitly says credits can be used for Private Dinners.

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