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    Default Just booked CSA for Dec, 2011.....

    ....Dec 10-17, Atrium Suite at CSA. We've been married for 17 years, but because we had kids at such a young age, we were never able to have a true "honeymoon vacation" with just the two of us. Well, the kids are grown and now we can do the things we want to do.

    This message board provided us with more than enough info for us to want to make CSA the place for us to stay during our first trip to Jamaica. This is a great resource for tips and advice.

    Already counting the days: 279 and a wake-up.

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    We have also just booked for 2011! We will be there Dec. 16-23! We were there in 2009 for our honeymoon and are sooo excited to go back!
    You will have a great time...

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    Default Dec. 19-26th

    We will be there and have our wedding set for the 22nd. at 11...maybe you'll can stop by! We are both on our second marriage but still relatively young, I'm 35 she's 31, so we really hope we can enjoy a destination wedding. We don't think any family is coming so it would be nice to meet up with others on the MB before we get there

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    You will have a great time!

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    You'll have a wonderful time.. we went in April 2010 and going back again May thisyear.

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