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    What do I need to do to get some Miller Lite at CSS in July, July 1-9 in particular. My husband and I were there in December and they only got one case of Miller Lite a day at CSS and that is because one of the bartenders was nice enough to order it for us. Is it possible to get more than that a day? We are meeting some other couples there and most of us drink Miller Lite.

    Any ideas?


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    Just get with the food and beverage manager upon your arrival, and see if he can help you. Sorry I can't remember the manager's name but itís been a couple of years ago when someone in our group made a special request and they were able to accommodate.

    Also Miller Lite is my drink at home but to me it just seems to taste different in Jamaica. After one Miller Lite I went back to Red Stripe and haven't looked back...but that's just me...


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    Expand your horizons and try something different.
    There are a lot of excellenct beers out there.
    Your in Jamaica have you heard of red stripe considerably better than any miller product.
    Live life on the edge, try something new.

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    Red Stripe lite is mighty tasty. Did you try it?
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Thanks for all of the responses, I actually drink vodka on vacation but a couple of the other people that will be going with us prefer the Miller Lite. The Red Stripe is really heavy and their is no Red Stripe Light at CSS either.

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