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    We are thinking of making the trip from CSS to Kingston. Do you get to see the Blue Mountains, and will the tour services take you there? T-minus 7 weeks and counting.

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    Personally, I would stay away from Kingston. More often than not, there is much unrest in the city. If you go, be sure that the resort knows when and where you are going. Make sure that you have a driver or tour operator that is known at your resort.

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    Not recommended... and will likely require an overnight...

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    I would not travel to Kingston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melvin76 View Post
    I would not travel to Kingston.
    ... but there is a bike tour of the Blue Mountains that is supposed to be very beautiful, and easy, as you start at the top and essentially coast the entire way. I'm sure others can provide you with reviews and or links to more information.


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    Ok, all is safe and fine!
    We did a stay at Strawberry Hill, up in the Blue Mountains, then transfered to CTI.
    We flew into Kingston, felt it was as nice or nicer than MB airport, felt very safe!!!! We had a driver pick us up, saw Kingston and was thrilled to see that part of Jamaica. No no no worries!!!!

    Our transfer through the Blue Mountains, over to CTI was one of the best Jamaican experiences we have both had. We stopped in the heart of the mountains for a little village soup lunch, and was welcomed and greeted by all. We met Rastafarians, and had a great experience.

    Its like any other big city area. Be smart, you will be safe.

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