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    Default A couples questions about CN?

    Hi all,
    Next week, at this time, we'll have arrived at CN -- the last of the four Couples resorts we have to visit. Getting very excited now! Just a couple questions to those have already been.

    1. I have heard that the menu at Heliconia has changed? Can any one clear up what type of food they serve now? The menu on the site shows Italian, but from what I understand, it's not (just?) Italian anymore.
    2. We have book a deluxe gardenview -- can you get WIFI in the rooms?
    3. Just a general/overall question. Which restaurant is your favourite for dinner? Which restaurant is your favourite for the lobster on Friday.

    Also, did I read that the Repeater's Dinner is now at Lychee -- is it then an dinner of Asian food, or is that just where they have the dinner.

    Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

    windsorgir (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CTI '09,10
    CSS '10
    CN '11

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    Oh I know you will have a great time. Send a review when you return. I know it's not good to compare all the resorts but I would be interested in what you have to say.

    Heliconia is still primarily Italian with some other added things. I love it. Lychee is Asian but with a more "everyone will like this" flare. My husband loves Lychee and wasn't a big Asian fan before we went. They have a great appetizer platter that is to die for and OH, get a Lychee martini!! I like all the restaurants and it's great to experience them all. Lobster night is super anywhere you go. We have done them all. It was all good. Go and experience and I am very jealous!

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    1. Heliconia is no longer Italian. They have an entree choice of fish, meat,pasta or chicken.
    2. I think it works in some bldgs. If not there is a computer room with lots of computers.
    3. My favorite is still Heliconia because it is outside and close to the beach but I think the food is the same as the Cassanova when they are serving dinner and it is not a buffet. we really missed the Italian restaurant and hope they bring it back.
    The repeaters dinner is either in Otaheite or right outside Otaheite if the group is too large for inside seating. The food is from the Otaheita, not the Lychee unless it has changed since Dec.

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    We just returned, well a week ago, from CN. We did not eat at the Heliconia this trip and we were there for 10 days so no help. Don't take my computer since I am on vacation, but I do use their internet cafe, and never had to wait on a system. They ask you limit to 15 minutes and that was fine for me to check E-mails and rub it in to my northern friend on face book, so I can't help you on the Wi-fi question either. Our favorite restaurant is which ever one we ended up at, seriously, we enjoyed them all. I suppose we lean towards Lychee, but that may be the Red Stripe causing that. LOL

    They have moved the repeaters dinner to Lychee and it was steak and lobster to absolutely die for. Wow did they outdo themselves that night. Not Asian when we were there. Our dates were 2/18 - 2/27 and next year, 346 days and counting, 2/17 - 2/26 not that we are counting or anything for our 4th trip to CN.

    I don't know if this helped or not, but man I already am ready to go back.

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    If you are there after lobster season ends (April 24th) do they still have Lobster nights? If not is there another theme to expect? Thanks so much,


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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisandlesley View Post
    If you are there after lobster season ends (April 24th) do they still have Lobster nights? If not is there another theme to expect? Thanks so much,

    Lobster is out of season beginning April 1; 21 days later, it is illegal for anyone to have lobster, in whole or in part, in their possession. Anyone in possession of lobster after that time risks prosecution and the imposition of fines and possible jail time. Lobster can be obtained again July 1.

    Couples does have lobster night in April, May, or June, but you needn't worry. Lobster night isn't a big deal. It just means that lobster is one of several entree options offered at each restaurant. When lobster is out of season, there are still plenty of choices.
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    Default questions

    We aren't there outside of lobster season. We arrive on Saturday, March 12th for a week. Anyone have any other questions to the restaurant questions posted at the beginning? or the WIFI questions who've been recently? Thanks for the answers so far and any others to come. Looking forward to CN.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CTI '09,10
    CSS '09
    CN '11

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    Quote Originally Posted by windsorgirl View Post
    ... Anyone have any other questions to the restaurant questions posted at the beginning? ...
    I'm guessing that should read "Anyone have any other answers..."

    In any case, for Heliconia, I believe you phrased it well; "it's not (just?) Italian anymore". There are still "Italian" items on the menu, just fewer options and more "non-Italian" items than in the past. We were there last month and still really enjoyed it. In prior trips the Heliconia menu changed after 2 days but it now appears to change daily (closed on Saturday).
    Here is a list (entrees only) on one particular Sunday:
    • Lasagna Bolognese
    • Shrimp & Garlic Fettuccini
    • Grilled Beef Striploin
    • Lemony Chicken Breast
    • Ginger & Honey Glazed Salmon Fillet
    • Mushroom Risotto

    As far as WiFi availability in deluxe gardenview rooms, we've been able to pick up a signal in most areas but haven't walked around all blocks to verify. The Systems Department manager was measuring to put up an additional router in a tall palm tree on the beach for better wireless coverage, but I'm skeptical that it will be in place by the time of your trip.

    For the repeater dinner, we verified with the Lychee Head Chef that Lychee was not taking over, (nor was there any plan to take over), the menu and that only the venue would change.
    The "Meet Up At Coupels Negril" sub-forum has a thread with more details of the new (current as of mid-Feb) repeater dinner setup at CN.

    We've had lobster at all 4 restaurants (on different Friday's, not within the same night) and they're all wonderful. Lobster doesn't really influence our Friday night dining choice.
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    Default WIFI at CN.

    yes theres wifi on the resort. we were there last week,in build. 5 at the reception was great.

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    Thanks Rudi- I somehow missed that earlier post that it had moved to Lychee. Good choice whomever thought of it. Oteheite was way too loud when the room was full.

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