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    Default Can't Decide-CTI? CN? CSA?

    My wife and I know one thing for sure- we're heading to Jamaica in June. What is not so clear is which resort we want to stay at. We went to CN two years ago and to CTI last year. We are booked for CTI now, but are wavering a bit, and thinking about CN. This morning, I looked at CSA and it looked nice as well. Somebody help us think of the pros and cons of each! BTW, we are not sightseers. We like to lounge by the pool or on the beach, get in the ocean, and enjoy Bob Marleys and daiquiris. We like good food and don't get caught up in what the room is like. Thank you in advance!

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    This is a WIN WIN WIN situation. Pick one. You can't go wrong.

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    To me the biggest the difference aside from the beach which you know, is that fact that CSA does not have an A/N beach, so if you like that part of CN or CTI, then CSA is out. Why not try CSA just so you can say you have the experience. You can always do the Trading Places to visit CN. Two reason we keep returning to CTI are 1, the people--both staff and other guests, 2--the AN island.

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    Try CSA. You haven't been to that one and obviously the other two resorts don't have that hold on you. CSA has the most beautiful and long beach. There are two bars right on the beach and the swim up bar right there too. It is very laid back and spectacular. Give it a try. It may be your favorite.

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    How important is pool life to you? Although I have not been to CTI (we are heading there in April) I would say that if you enjoy spending time around the pool then you may be disappointed in CSA. Others will likely disagree with this statement but for myself and a few others that I have spoken with, you simply can not compare the pool at CN to CSA. The CN pool has a fun atmosphere, great vibe, but still a relaxing's hard to beat. I love the beach as much as the next person but don't enjoy swimming in it and like to break my day up between beach/pool time. As much as I loved CSA, and I do mean LOVED it, I can't say that we spent much time at the pool. I just didn't find it overly inviting. CN on the other hand...perfection!

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    We too am having trouble picking between CN and CSS. We want to enjoy the A/N part of it but CN doesnt have the pool in the A/N section. But would rather the sunset catamaran and beach bonfire at CN compared to the Dunns River Falls excursion at CSS. So we are leaning towards CN. This will be our first vacation in Jamaica.

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